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11 February, 2013 / 6 Comments

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Easy by Tammara Webber

My Copy: Unabridged Audiobook, 8 hrs & 48 mins
Publication Date: October 2012
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Narrator: Tara Sands
Source: Received free from Audible (promotional)
A girl who believes trust can be misplaced, promises are made to be broken, and loyalty is an illusion. A boy who believes truth is relative, lies can mask unbearable pain, and guilt is eternal. Will what they find in each other validate their conclusions, or disprove them all?
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My Review

This was my first time listening to an audiobook!  I found it very enjoyable.  The narrator, Tara Sands, did a fantastic job and the story was really good too.  This story is filled with emotion, real-life issues, coming-of-age-ness, and romance.  It starts off really intense, with the main character struggling to fight off a guy who is trying to rape her.  Throughout the story, Jacqueline has to live with the consequences of not telling anyone what happened to her that night.

The characters were good.  Jacqueline, the main character and narrator, has many issues to deal with early on in the story.  She grows a lot throughout the novel and becomes a stronger woman.  Lucas, the love interest, is awesome, like many leading men are.  He is caring, strong, and Jacqueline’s personal hero.

The writing was good.  It’s a bit hard for me to critique the writing, due to the fact that I was listening to the book and not reading it.  But, from what I could tell from listening, the writing was well-done.  The audio narration was very good.  I was able to get into the story every time I turned it on and it was almost like I was reading it myself at times.  The voice definitely doesn’t take away from the story whatsoever.

I’m happy to say that my first audiobook experience was enjoyable!  Listening to a book when you normally can’t read, like when driving to work and getting ready in the morning, is totally awesome!  Though I do feel that some of the storyline was predictable and not overly unique, it didn’t really matter.  I would recommend this audiobook to anyone unsure of which one to try first (like I was).  The novel I would recommend to all you New Adult Contemporary Romance lovers out there — this one is worth it.

4 stars blue

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6 Responses to “Audiobook Review: Easy”

  1. WHOOP WHOOP, glad you enjoyed your first audiobook! I never dared to try those because I’ll tend to zone out and miss out chunks of the story! I’ve been seeing raving reviews for Easy and I love a good character-driven plot 😀 Though I haven’t read any NA books… I’ll be giving this a try, awesome review!

    Alicia @ Book a World

    • Thanks. Yeah, I think that this was my first NA book too, now that I think about it. I think you’d be surprised about not zoning out. At least with this audiobook, the narrator made it easy to get into.

  2. I have not yet tried an audiobook and am pleased to hear that your experience was a good one! I have often wondered if I would zone out; funny how Alicia (above) addressed that too! You didn’t find that you periodically began to daydream and had to rewind? Perhaps if the material is good, that doesn’t happen… Anyway, good to know that audiobooks can be enjoyable!

    • Haha. Nope, no daydreaming during my listen! Yes, the material being good is important, but also the person going the narration, I think.

      Yep, I found it enjoyable. I liked that I could “read” while doing things that I normally wouldn’t be able to actually read.

  3. I have yet to listen to an audiobook. I don’t know why. It just seems…. strange to me. But I keep hearing that it is an experience that I should have under my belt. I haven’t yet read anything in the “New Adult” genre either. I should. I am 30 and a YA lover. You would think I would love NA. But I am not a huge fan of sexed up stories. Anyway, to the point, I have heard again and again and again that Easy is not a story to be passed up. So it is officially on my Kindle. After reading your review, I am ready to get to it and I hope that I love it as much as so many others do. Thanks for the review!

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