Should a blog focus on only one topic or many?

19 April, 2016 / 6 Comments


Since changing up my blog and adding topics to it so that now it is more of a general blog – or at least doesn’t only focus on books now – I’ve wondered about this.  Is this a good idea?  Or is it better to just focus on one topic?  See, the thing with me is that I have many interests and I find myself wanting to share and talk about them.  However, not every reader or follower of my blog is going to be interested in all of my topics: books, food/exercise, nails (and now pregnancy/parenting).

Several Topics

Since starting this new blog and branching off from just discussing book-related things, I have lost some followers, but I’ve also gained followers.  So, it’s hard to say whether it was really a good thing or not.  I feel bad that maybe I turned off some of my old followers, who aren’t interested in my new content and only wanted my blog to be about books.  But I’m also loving having the other topics on here.

I, personally, love having the opportunity to talk about and share anything!  I’m so happy that I decided to make this change (it was a big decision for me!) and now I’m not limited by my name to only discuss one topic.  I love talking about nutrition (even though I know I haven’t done it that much yet…) and I love sharing my nail designs more than I even thought I would (I’m taking a break from this for now due to my current situation, but I can’t wait to start painting my nails again and posting more designs!).

Also, I’m finding the more I add, the more I want to add, but I’m not sure I should keep adding.  Then what would my pages header look like?  Haha.

So, you tell me.

Share your story: What do you think?  In general, do you think it’s better for a blog to be all about one topic, or expand to many topics?  For my blog in particular, do you like it more or less than you did when it was all about books?  Are you an old follower or new, or just checking it out?  If you have a blog, is it about one or more topics?

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6 Responses to “Should a blog focus on only one topic or many?”

  1. I have just started book blogging, if you want to call it that. I blog about personal things and whatever I want to in addition to books. I try to blog more about books, but right now it is a slow process. Do what makes you happy!

  2. I just stopped by your blog right now so I can’t really comment on it, but personally, I like to stick to one topic for my blog. It’s makes it more uniform and appeals to one set of readers. With covering so many topics, not every reader is going to read everything–if that makes sense. However, like everyone else says above me, put your own happiness first!
    Jess @ POB! recently posted…SAVING THE EARTH, One Bookworm at a TimeMy Profile

  3. I think it’s possible to blog about more than one thing — it’s your personality that ties it all together, and we can see that more clearly if you talk about what you’re interested in. It can also happen that you just blog about books (or food or whatever), but your other interests come into that. The important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing!
    Lory @ Emerald City Book Review recently posted…Elizabeth Goudge Day: The Rosemary TreeMy Profile

  4. I mean, for marketing purposes, they always say to find a niche, make your blog specific. But if you’re just blogging for fun because it makes you happy, then I say do what you want. It would be a pain to make five different blogs just so you can talk about all the things you love. Anyone who doesn’t care about nails, for example, can simply not look at those posts 🙂
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