Book Travelling Thursdays: Favourite Conclusion to a Series

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book travelling thursdays

Book Travelling Thursdays is a fun meme I decided to join in on.  The rules are simple.  Pick a book that fits in with the current week’s theme.  Give your reasoning for choosing said book. Share the original cover, the cover from your country, your favourite cover, and your least favourite cover. Sounds fun to me!  You can join in on the fun here.

This week, we are choosing our favourite conclusion to a series.  My pick is Sweet Reckoning by Wendy Higgins.  I loved this series so much and I thought it was wrapped up great in the third installment.  There was nothing that I felt was missing.  After I chose this book, I went to look at all the different covers only to find – to my disappointment – that there isn’t much of a difference between covers.  At first, I wanted to choose a different book because I thought this was awfully boring.  Then, I thought okay, this is actually interesting that there isn’t much difference when other books have multiple covers and I decided to stick with it.  Then, I started noticing very subtle differences.

Original Cover, Cover for My Country (Canada), and My Favourite Cover

sweet reckoning

My Least Favourite Cover


This is the French version.  While there isn’t much of a difference, as I said there wouldn’t be above, I think there is a lot of blank space at the bottom of the cover.  I think the original cover does a better job with the word placement lower on the cover.

Other Covers

Svudne_zuctovani_potah.indd     25338359     26073969

Czech — Hungarian — Turkish

The first two pictures seem to be identical (and they seem to be identical to the original), but isn’t it interesting how the author’s name changes in the Czech version?  Why would that be?  I also find it interesting that the Turkish version changed the colour of the dress to a brighter pink.

Share your story: What do you think of these subtle changes?  Which covers are your favourite/least favourite?

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