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8 November, 2016 / 6 Comments


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish every Tuesday.  Every week it’s a different topic and those of us who decide to join in share our top ten for the week’s topic!

This week’s topic is top books I’ve added to my TBR lately.  I have been away for a while and out of the book/blogging loop, so I’ve been adding books as I see them.  I’m sure there are tons that are super awesome-looking that I just haven’t heard about yet.  I know – I’ve been living under a rock!  Please tell me which ones I’ve missed!!

The following are the 7 books that I’ve added to my “top-of-list” shelf on Goodreads in the last little bit.  So, these are the ones I’m definitely the most excited about!  In no particular order…

carve-the-markCarve the Mark by Veronica Roth

I know.  Where have I been, right?  I literally just added this book last week.  I only just FOUND OUT about this book last week.  Ahhhh!  I’m so out of it!!!  Help bring me back pleeeeease!

Anyway, of course I want to read this book because it’s Veronica freaking Roth.  (And just in case you’ve also been living under a rock – for even longer than me(!) – she’s the one that wrote Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant).


All in Pieces by Suzanne Young

This book because I loved The Program, which Suzanne Young also wrote.  I haven’t actually read any of her other stuff, but I want to and I have them all sitting on my Goodreads “to-read” shelf.  Now, if only these dystopian authors I love so much would actually continue to write dystopian novels…wouldn’t that be nice?  (Aforementioned author excluded from this little, tiny, mini-rant).

the-diabolicThe Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid

This book because I read a little review over at Nose Graze and the things she said about the character actually killing, oh, and actually ripping “out someone’s heart with her bare hands” – I don’t know, I just have an overwhelming urge to read this book NOW.  Also because Ashley from Nose Graze doesn’t always review books these days, so the fact that she did says something, no?  (Or it could just be the fact that she received this ARC from the publisher and felt the need to review it because us bloggers do that kind of thing – but I’m going to ignore this possibility and believe theory #1: this book is so awesome she couldn’t not tell us all about it on her blog).  Oh, and this book has an amazing rating on Goodreads.  4.13 stars right now.  That’s a really impressive AVERAGE rating, people.

the-teacherThe Teacher by Katerina Diamond

I cannot remember where I heard about this book or how it came to be on my “top-of-list” shelf (even though I just added it on October 23 – not that long ago, brain!!), but I just re-read the synopsis and it does sound pretty awesome, no?  It is “not for the faint-hearted!”  Eek!!

the-forgettingThe Forgetting by Sharon Cameron

Okay, so apparently I am incapable of remembering adding books (or anything possibly??) prior to and including October 23.  Is this what happens when one has a baby?  Everything else is merely forgotten about?  Anyway, be prepared for me not to remember adding the rest of the books in this list (because even though I said they were in no particular order, they actually are in the order that I added them to Goodreads, descending.  Oops!  You caught me!).

The synopsis is quite mysterious and intriguing.  Every 12 years, the people of Canaan lose all their memories “unless they have been written” – what does that even mean?!?

cinder-and-ellaCinder & Ella by Kelly Oram

First of all, anything that even the teensiest, weensiest (I’m noticing that the word “weensiest” doesn’t have a red squiggly line under it – is it actually a word?  Ha!) resembles the possible re-telling of a fairy tale, or is just inspired by a fairy tale (or maybe even just mentions a fairy tale – okay, I’ve gone too far), is going to lure me in.  Did I mention I love fairy tales?  And I’m talking the scary, classic, dark fairy tales that Disney decided to turn into happy little cartoons for kids and make everyone forget that that’s not what fairy tales really are.

Anyway…about this book.  Well, it’s title is Cinder & Ella.  But, more than that, people are just raving about it.  My average friend rating of this book on Goodreads is a whopping 4.60!  I never see that.  So, of course, I must check this book out.


Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

Okay, so I honestly have absolutely no clue why this book is on my recent “top-of-list” shelf.  The synopsis doesn’t exactly sound like something I would normally be super-duper excited about.  So why include it in this list?  Well, I trust myself, that’s why.  C’mon.  Look at the average rating (4.32).  Now look at the number of ratings (50,819).  This is huge, and likely one of the reasons I added it.  I’m pumped even though I don’t know why I’m pumped.  I trust that I added it in a very excited nature and I will continue that enthusiastic attitude going in to reading the book (whenever that may actually be…).

 What are the top books that you recently added to your TBR?  What books am I missing??



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6 Responses to “Books I’ve Added to Goodreads Lately”

  1. Hah well technically I got The Diabolic from BookExpo America, and although I try to review all books I get from there, I don’t really feel any pressure to do so like when I get the book directly from a publisher, if that makes sense.

    But I’m a major, major S.J. Kincaid fan. ♥

    I hope you like it!!

    • Sam

      Makes sense! I can’t wait to read it! I haven’t read any of S. J. Kincaid’s books yet, but I have a couple on my TBR.

    • Sam

      Over 1,000 pages? Yikes! At the rate I’m going lately (because of baby KIK), that’ll likely take me 3 months to read! Lol.

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