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15 February, 2017 / 22 Comments


This thought actually occurred to me recently when I was reading the February Discussion Challenge Link-Up & Giveaway on FYFA. You can earn extra points toward the giveaway by commenting on select old discussion posts of the chosen blogger. This got me wondering: how often do you comment on older blog posts?

I almost never have people commenting on my older posts. At most it would be posts from the last month getting new comments. If I do get new comments on my old posts, it’s typically only spam comments, not even real ones.

I, myself, will comment on older blog posts if I happen to find an old post that I am interested in commenting on. The date doesn’t stop me.

I’m wondering if the date does stop some people from commenting. Maybe they think their comment won’t matter or won’t be seen? Or maybe it’s simply that people just don’t see my older posts because they don’t show on my home page and people don’t typically go digging through the archives. However, even my more popular discussions (What if Books Didn’t Have Covers?, I don’t read books with embarrassing covers, and Blogging vs. Other Interests) that still appear in my “Popular Posts” on my sidebar don’t get commented on anymore. People are clearly visiting them often for them to stay three of my five most popular posts, and yet no comments.

I also wonder if more popular blogs get more attention on their older posts or if they have the same lack of commenting happening as I do.

Share your story: Do you comment on older blog posts? If not, why? If you are a blogger, do you find that you don’t get many comments on your older posts? Why do you suppose that is? 

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22 Responses to “Commenting on old Blog Posts”

  1. I don’t usually comment on older blog posts, but that’s because I tried it once or twice, and my comments got ignored. But I guess I probably shouldn’t hold it against every blogger when it was actually only one or two who ignored my comments. Next time I find an older post that I like and I have something to say, I’m gonna comment 🙂

    As for my own blog, you’re not alone, I don’t get comments on older posts either.
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Book Review: The Key to Erebus (Les Corbeaux: The French Vampire Legend Book 1) by Emma V. Leech & Roisin O’ConnorMy Profile

    • Sam

      Yeah, that makes sense. I wonder why the blogger would ignore the comment, though. I certainly wouldn’t ignore a comment no matter the post it was made on!

  2. I typically don’t comment on the old stuff, mostly because I feel like it gets ignored more times than responded to. Or a response will be so delayed I’ve completely forgotten about it by the time that I see the response! But mostly I just feel … like maybe the topic becomes obsolete or something?

    I also don’t really get comments on old posts. Every now and then an old review will get a comment or something, but it’s VERY rare.
    Michelle @ FaerieFits recently posted…My Favorite Ships to Ship in the Fantasy GenreMy Profile

    • Sam

      True enough. If you’ve been following the blog for some time and comment often, it would definitely be likely that you already commented. I know if I’m following a blog by email, I don’t look back at older posts because I get lots of new content delivered to my inbox. Makes sense!

  3. I do comment on older posts if they’re interesting, but I suppose the trick is to find them. I think a lot of people just scroll down the homepage when trying to find something to read.

    I’ve also commented on older posts and found the blogger never responded, which did deter me from commenting on older posts for awhile.

    • Sam

      That’s true. I suppose I’m guilty of that as well.

      Interesting that so many bloggers don’t respond to comments on older posts…like they just don’t matter…

    • Sam

      I guess it could be. On my blog, I just go to the comments portion of my dashboard and the newest comments appear first, so I just reply to all of the comments that have been made since I last replied. I’m not sure how it works for others? Glad you found something that works for you! Especially since you get so many comments. That makes it more difficult for sure. Out of curiosity, what is the plugin you are using?

    • We had the plugin for a while, but I took it off because it started getting all messed up because sometimes I would reply to someone on one of Misty’s posts and it would add another comment that she would need to reply to. It was like a back and forth thing that we never could clear off the unreplied comments list. It probably would work better for someone who blogs solo.

      As for the question posed… I don’t pay attention to the dates of posts. If I have something to say, I will. On my blog, the only comments we get on old posts are spam. The filter doesn’t catch them all, and I’m constantly deleting comments. I assume the reason we don’t get legitimate comments on old posts is because no one is reading them.
      Jen @ Books That Hook recently posted…5BC: Best 5 Book Covers for March 1, 2017 Book ReleasesMy Profile

  4. If I come across an old blog post that sparks my interest, I comment. Sometimes I stumble on a blog that’s new to me via a new post, and then, if I have time, I peruse some old posts as well. And I comment if I can think of something to say. My old posts rarely get comments (the new ones too LOL), but if they do, I always reply. Then again, I can understand if particularly popular/busy bloggers don’t, because it’s hard enough to keep track of comments on new posts already. So I try not to hold a grudge to them if they don’t reply.

  5. I typically don’t comment on older blog posts, but I don’t see many old posts on other blogs. I seldom get so interested in a blog that I will look through different pages or read older posts.

    WordPress says that if people visit your old posts, it demonstrates some vitality to your blog – or something. I still get notifications on a blog that I long-ago abandoned. It says something about your content for people to look at older posts, but I am unsure how easy it is to achieve that on a book blog.

    As another thought: I hate it when my Facebook friends comment on posts from four years ago just to be annoying. Could this be a reason that people do not comment on old blog posts? Is it a fear of being annoying or upsetting the blogger?

    • Sam

      I agree it is difficult to achieve such things on a book blog.

      Interesting that your Facebook friends do that. Do they mean to do it in an annoying way?

  6. I see the same thing – if a post is more than a week old, it might as well be lost in an abyss. But I’m like you – anything interesting I see, I’ll comment on. Even if it doesn’t spark a discussion or anything like that, I hope a legitimate comment will make the author smile.

    Carrie’s comment, though. 😛 It’s so much worse on Facebook posts when it’s not a comment *to you*. Like “hey Emma, remember this?” and then they start talking about an upcoming girl’s night they’ve planned and you just want the irrelevant notifications to stop! 🙂 So I get how it could be annoying.

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