DNF: Freak of Nature

11 November, 2013 / 6 Comments

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I’ve decided to start a new thing where I post my DNF (Did Not Finish) books with an explanation for why I felt the need to put the book down.  Then, if you LOVED the book and think that it was a huge mistake on my part to abandon it, you can try to convince me to pick it back up.  Or, if you also disliked the book, you can share that as well and make me feel not-so-bad about not finishing the book!  I will not post any DNF explanations for review copies, however.

DNF Explanation for Freak of Nature by Julia Crane

How far I got: 16%

I don’t usually stop reading a book so early, but I just can’t continue.  This book is chalk-full of mistakes and it feels as though nobody even proofread it!  Seriously…  I mean, they can’t even get the narration straight.  It is told in third person narration, but look at this quote:

A part of Kaitlyn was curious to find out more about her past, but another part didn’t want to know. What good would it do to find out she had family and friends who thought she was dead? It wasn’t like she could just stroll back into her old life and start over. No, that life was dead and buried. It should stay that way.
I think.

I think”???  Who the f**k is “I”?????  And why is he/she thinking when he/she is supposed to be telling us a story??  Holy man, this is a mistake that just should not slip through the cracks.

A homonym mistake:

Jimmy thinks your sexy…

Really?!?  This is my biggest pet peeve!  If Jimmy thinks you’re sexy, then he thinks you are sexy and an abbreviation needs to be used: you are=you’re!  “Your” is used like this: “I’m not finishing your book.”  It’s possessive.  It does not mean you are!

A typo that should have been caught:

She had never given it much though. It didn’t really mater to her where she was from.

Do I need to continue?  And I only got to the 16% mark.  Oh my.  I know I’m being incredibly hard on this book, but these things really, truly bother the heck out of me!  I mean, a couple mistakes, fine.  But a whole whackload of super obvious ones (especially that narration boo-boo), c’mon.  Get a freaking proofreader!  Sorry.  I could rant about this all day!

Okay, so it wasn’t just about the sloppiness.  I also really wasn’t into the novel.  There were too many things I instantly didn’t like and I just know that it will take me forever to get through and I will be constantly wishing I wasn’t forcing myself to read it.  Having said that, I may have continued — begrudgingly — if it weren’t for the lack of proofreading.

I didn’t care for the way in which the perspectives switched.  The third chapter suddenly switches perspectives from Kaitlyn to Lucas with no warning and nothing saying that we are switching.  Normally, this is okay and doable.  BUT, the first paragraph didn’t even say a name.  It just said “him”.  Well, “him” could be any freaking dude!  So, that wasn’t very well done, in my opinion.

I also didn’t like the way that the story just jumps right into Kaitlyn and Lucas being hot for each other.  It’s rather hard for me to get into the romance when I know nothing about the characters.  How about a little character development first?!  I found it odd that Kaitlyn was even capable of having feelings for Lucas, considering she is incapable of feeling emotion (she is part human, part robot)!

So, all these reasons plus the fact that I was bored pushed me to putting it down for good.

I don’t think I’ll ever dislike a non-DNF book enough to give it a 1 star rating.  So, 1 star ratings are basically reserved for DNFs.  This book gets one…for now…
1 star

Have you read this book?  Did you like it?  Do mistakes like the ones I brought up put you off a book too, or am I just over-critical??

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6 Responses to “DNF: Freak of Nature”

  1. I hadn’t heard of this book, but I am definitely going to stay away now. I understand a typo or two (we all make them, and I’m constantly kicking myself for typing the wrong version of its/it’s), but you would think that the people behind this story could avoid errors to the degree you describe. It’s their job to catch mistakes! I’m sorry this book didn’t work out well for you, and I hope your next read is much better.

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