Do YA Books have Prettier Covers than Adult Books?

19 November, 2014 / 5 Comments


I don’t know what it is about Young Adult book covers, but I just find myself drawn to them. They seem, to me, to be so much prettier than Adult book covers.

YA                               Adult

Whenever I go into a bookstore or library, even if I’m specifically looking for an Adult book, I always find myself looking at the YA books. I just can’t help myself! The covers just make me want to buy them all.

YA                                Adult



YA covers have a very distinct look. I mean, of course they are all different and there are many variations. But, I can usually always tell by a cover whether I’m looking at a YA book. It’s kind of weird because they are so different. What is it about YA book covers? How do they stand out from other books? I’m kind of befuddled by it. I can tell them apart, but I’m not exactly sure why that is.

YA                               Adult



Keep in mind that the books displayed above are only a VERY select few and only chosen out of books I have read.  But, compare them with me.  Don’t the YA books look so much prettier???

Share your story: Any thoughts? Do you think YA covers are more pleasing to the eye than Adult covers? Are you drawn to them, like I am?

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5 Responses to “Do YA Books have Prettier Covers than Adult Books?”

  1. Yes, definitely!! I am a complete sucker for a pretty cover, and YA books are almost ALWAYS the really pretty ones. I can’t think of any really pretty adult book covers at all – perhaps once we’re adults, we’re not supposed to like pretty things anymore!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. I definitely think so also! I read both YA and Adult, and the adult books look a bit ‘dull’ compared to my YA books on the shelve. The only books that I can think that even compare to the vibrancy and beautiful YA covers are Sophie Kinsella’s cartoon colors. They have a lot of color and are definitely eye catching. I LOVE YA covers 🙂

  3. YES YA covers are totally prettier and more eye catching and just all around so much awesomer looking on a bookshelf. Maybe that’s why I’m always drawn more to YA books. I do judge by covers. #Sorrynotsorry.

  4. Definitely! I read both YA and adult but pretty much 100% of the time I find YA books so much more attractive. They’re eye-catching and often downright gorgeous 🙂

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