Honey in Coffee

5 June, 2015 / 5 Comments


I had this thought not too long ago about the possibility of adding honey to my coffee as a healthier alternative to sugar.  I checked online to see if anyone had tried it and what they had to say about it.  The results I found were people thinking you needed to add more honey than you would sugar or people dismissing the idea because they didn’t think it would dissolve properly in coffee.  So, I wanted to put my opinion out there and add it to the masses.

I tried this idea.  I put the exact amount of honey as I normally do of sugar and – I swear, I’m not even kidding – it tasted exactly the same!  If someone put in front of me two cups of coffee, one containing sugar and one containing honey, I truly don’t think I would be able to tell which was which!  So, that statement about having to add double the amount – I don’t find this to be true whatsoever!

Now, I always use natural, organic, raw honey (which you should do too – trust me!).  So, I’m not sure if that is the reason I have found different results or not.  I don’t find that the healthy honey tastes all that different from the unhealthy honey either, so I don’t know.  Personal preference only?  And, by the way, the honey dissolves just fine in hot coffee.

I would recommend trying this option if you normally add sugar to your coffee.  It is a much healthier option.  It might be a bit more pricey (as the healthy honey is a tad pricey), but it’s so worth it!

Share your story: Have you tried honey in your coffee?  Have you tried honey as an alternative to sugar in other things?  What do you think?  Doesn’t really change the taste, does it?

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5 Responses to “Honey in Coffee”

  1. wendy

    Honey is a great alternative to sugar! I have begun to use honey instead of sugar in a variety of things lately and I honestly notice no difference in the taste. I also want to add that I tend to use less honey than sugar, which is a bonus.

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