I’m Back, Plus One :)

14 March, 2016 / 4 Comments


Hey there everybody!  I know, I know, it’s been FOREVER, right?  Well, I have a reason for my very unexpected hiatus…

Are you ready for it?…

I’m PREGNANT!  What?  I know!  It came as quite a shock to me and hubby as well.  But, I suppose it is time for us to start a family that consists of more than just the two of us and our furry friends.  We have been married almost 4 years, so sure!  It’s time.  Even though it was a surprise, we are definitely happy about it and cannot wait to start this new chapter of our lives!  🙂

So, what does me being pregnant have to do with my unexpected hiatus?

Well, to be honest, I have just been so darn tired lately!  I have barely been reading.  I haven’t been painting my nails at all because the doc told me I should avoid it for fear of chemicals being harmful to the baby.  And I’ve been so busy prepping for baby!  I miss doing these things I love so much, but my life is changing!

What does this mean for the future of Sharing Inspired Kreations?

I will continue to blog, just maybe not as much as I used to.

I am still not reading nearly as much as I was pre-pregnancy, unfortunately, and I’m not sure when (or even if) I will go back to reading that much.  It all depends.  My life is changing and I just can’t predict what will happen.  I love and miss reading so much, but reading just puts me to sleep these days!

BUT I have reviews that I never got around to posting, so I will put those up soon and continue on from there.  Just, don’t expect reviews to come as often as they once did. (And I have no clue what will happen to blogging once the baby comes – but I will try to keep it up).

As for nails designs, those will have to wait until after the baby comes.  It sucks for sure, but it is better to be safe than sorry, right??  I think so, and since obviously painting one’s nails is not a necessity, it will have to wait.  People keep telling me that I won’t have time for my nails once the baby comes either, but I don’t see how they can think this.  I know having a baby is very time-consuming and I know I don’t know what I’m really getting myself into, but I also know that I have a husband who will be helping me out and we already made a deal that we would make sure that I have some time set aside every week for my nails!  So, trust me, it will happen!

I have a new hobby that I might start blogging about!  As a way to help quit smoking (that’s right, I finally did it – this baby may have just saved my life!), for something to keep my hands busy, I picked up crocheting.  I’m still a total newbie, but we’ll see!  I am enjoying it so far.

I assume I will start discussing topics of pregnancy and baby.  I don’t have any certain plans for this yet, but I am assuming these topics will sneak their way into my blog.  And why not?  I started this blog (and left SIK Book Reviews) so that I could discuss multiple topics.  Why not add pregnancy and babies to my ever-growing list of topics?


P.S. – I’m due May 25.  I can’t believe how soon that is!  I really was away from the blog a long time, wasn’t I?


Share your story: What’s new with YOU?  What have I missed (blogging or otherwise) while I’ve been gone?  I feel so out-of-the-loop!
Would you be interested in blog posts about pregancy/baby?

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4 Responses to “I’m Back, Plus One :)”

  1. Congratulations! I can totally understand being too tired, you body is creating a miracle right now. We’ll still be here when you get back, take some time off if you need to. Having a baby is a BIG deal. I am totally interested in hearing about the pregnancy. I know there is another blogger who just had a baby and now she is reviewing some early parenting books (somewhere only we know).

    • Sam

      Thanks!! 🙂 It’s crazy that there’s not much time left before my due date now. If I’m going to post about pregnancy, I had better do it soon!

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