My Nails This Week

20 November, 2014 / 4 Comments

My Nails This Week2

This is a new feature I have decided to try out.  I love trying different things with my nails and, while it doesn’t have to do with books, I still thought it would be fun to share my creations with you!  Because why should I have to limit myself to books, right??  This will be a sporadic feature, as I don’t do designs on my nails every week (even thought I usually do paint my nails every week).

Some of my nail designs will be of my own unique creations, some will be variations of designs I’ve found elsewhere, and some will be straight up me trying to re-create a really cool design I saw somewhere (I will always give credit for the designs I didn’t come up with on my own).

So, my nails this week were my attempt at a re-creation of a design I found here.  My trees didn’t turn out the greatest (I am still a bit of a rookie at this point), but I still think it’s worth sharing, as it’s a really cool design and it was fun to try!


What do you think of my attempt?  Isn’t this an awesome design?  If you decide to try out this design too, make sure to let me know and link to it in the comments below or tag me on Twitter or Facebook!

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