My New-found Love for the Library

10 October, 2013 / 15 Comments


Today I want to talk about how much I love the library.  Yes, the old-school borrowing books and returning them with the use of a library card…do people still do that?  Well, yes, they do!  And it’s awesome!

My Re-discovery

I just re-discovered the awesomeness of the library a couple weeks ago.  Honestly, I hadn’t gone to the library since I was a kid.  I didn’t even know how much a library card cost — turns out, it’s free!!  I was stoked when I went to the library to inquire and they told me it’s free to join.  I was like, Okay, wait. So, it’s free to get a library card and then you can read free books? Pretty much any book you want? Sign me up!  And so my new love was born.

“Requesting” Books

So, at first I went to the tiny little library in my neighbourhood and they hardly had any books!  So, I was disappointed.  But, then I found out that I can get any book sent to my neighbourhood library.  All the books in my province are shared between libraries.  So, if I want a specific book that is currently in a different city’s library (within my province), I can just look it up online and request it to be sent to the library of my choosing!  This also goes for books that are within my city.  If I’m lazy and don’t feel like driving across the city (or for someone who doesn’t have access to transportation), I can request that a book be sent to my closest library.  Now, depending where it’s coming from, I might have to wait up to a week.  But, who cares?  This system is soooo amazing I can’t believe it.  I love it!!


Wait, you can borrow eBooks from the library?  That’s right!  Along with print copies, you can also get eBooks.  You can read them on your computer or eReader.  It uses the program Adobe Digital Editions.  So, anyone who is familiar with getting (non-Kindle) books from NetGalley or Edelweiss…it’s the same process!

Pre-holding Books

I just found out that you can also pre-hold certain books!  For example, I looked up Allegiant by Veronica Roth and I could put a pre-hold on it so that I can read it when it first comes out!  However, with Allegiant being so popular, by the time I discovered this fact there were already over a hundred holds on it…and yeah…I’m not waiting that long to read it!  But, I am fifth on the list for Evertrue by Brodi Ashton!

No Guilt

Another of the many awesome things about the library is that I don’t have to feel guilty for DNFing books.  Or, at least, not as guilty as if I had purchased the book.  It’s free and it’s not a review request.  So, I can DNF with little to no guilt!  Yay!  (And if I love a book, I can always purchase it later in order to support the author…and to display it on my shelf)

How do you feel about the library?  Is it too old-school for you, or is it so totally now-school and completely awesome?  Does your local library have the same features as mine?  Does it have awesomeness that mine doesn’t have?  Do you love the library too??

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15 Responses to “My New-found Love for the Library”

  1. I totally love my library and use it ALL the time. I often get books on inter-library loan if they’re not available at my library and I can request that my library purchase new books that I’m interested in (and they usually do!). Plus, our library even has a drive-up window, so I almost always just put the books on hold and then go pick them up at the drive-up. Super convenient!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. I love the local library too. I visit every week. And yep we have most of the services too. I’ve been a member forever so I don’t know whether there had been any membership signup fee. But whatever it had been, it has been worth it. We do have to pay a fee for reservation or for the interlibrary delivery service you speak off. But I don’t bother doing this because all the other libraries are usually a few train stops away, so if I really want to read a particular book that my nearest doesn’t have I’d just go to the other one and explore that library. And we have ebook borrowing too through Overdrive…soo convenient. So yeah I love the library.

    • ‘Tis awesome, isn’t it? That sucks that you have to pay a fee for those features…I hope it’s not too much! But, at least the other libraries aren’t too far away.

  3. Yes, the library is an amazing option!! There is only one drawback – late fees! Or, I should say, there “used to be” late fees. Since I haven’t used the library services in many years, I honestly don’t know if they still charge you for returning books late. Something to check into before that happens, I guess… 🙂

  4. It’s a good thing that you have rediscovered your love for the library because as of now, I’m far from feeling the same with ours. I live in a small city located in a third world country so you get the idea. Our only public library here houses boring stuff like thesis, dissertation, encyclopedias and books published during the 19forgotten era. It would be a miracle to see a Veronica Roth book there.

    How I wish our library is like yours. If that happens, I would really save a lot of money from buying books.

    Cheers to you. Have fun.

  5. My library is in a town 15 miles in a direction I never go. (I’ve been there literally one time in 10 years.) I live just outside a town with a library, and I pass it every day, but I would have to pay over $100 to get a card there. Stupid, but whatever. So I don’t use the library. Both libraries are very small anyway and the one I can go to has limited hours (open 6 hours is a long day for them).

  6. My local library is tiny and pretty badly stocked, but like you I discovered the online system and now I often order books from all over the county! Some I’ll never get (they either don’t have them at all or they have a million reservations), and sometimes the system screws up (last time I waited a month for my books) but it’s generally been pretty good!

  7. I love the library, and it baffles me how many avid readers forget they exist. I get that not everyone lives in an area where they have access to one… but still… getting ARCs is not the only way to read for free, and SO many bloggers act like it is!

  8. Book I know I will re-read or books not at the library but which I desperately want for a particular blogging event are pretty much the only books I buy. I adore my library 🙂

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