6 September, 2017

So, my mom inspired me to do a series of posts that talk about the good aspects of parenting as well.  Last week, I wrote about how parenting is hard and announced that I would be speaking up about the difficulties of parenting.  Then my mom called, told me she read my post, and went on to tell me how she didn’t sleep well.  She was so concerned that – I don’t know – that I hate parenting?  That I’m all messed up about it and need help?  I’m not sure, but my post caused her to be concerned.  So, I decided that I would also write posts about the good aspects of parenting.  While parenting can be really, really hard, it is also very rewarding and has wonderful moments too.

I’m glad that my mom inspired me to write posts like this because while I do want to tell the truth about parenting, I also don’t want to be a Negative Nancy about it.  Just because I am going to speak up about the difficult times, doesn’t mean I can’t discuss the good times too, right?

While I may struggle more than some, due to my PPD/A, I am still able to see the good in parenting and I do enjoy parts of it and I definitely enjoy my daughter!  Maybe these posts can also help someone going through a rough patch know that even sufferers of PPD/A can enjoy parenting, even though it may not happen right away.  I enjoy parenting more and more as time goes by.

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