Re-replying to a Comment

13 April, 2017 / 5 Comments

The Situation

You make a comment on someone’s blog post. The blogger kindly replies to your comment. But the blogger asks a question in his/her reply.

Ask Yourself

Do you make the effort to return to the blog to re-reply to your initial comment to answer the blogger’s question?

Why or Why Not?

Okay, I don’t get why people don’t do this. Please don’t take offence if you are one of the people that don’t, as I am just expressing my opinion. In fact, I would like to hear from you! Please explain to me why not. The way I see it is that the blogger showed interest in discussing the topic further with you, so why not carry on the conversation instead of stopping it after just one comment? I love to keep conversations going, so I always go back to reply to someone’s reply if a question was asked or if I just had more to add about the topic. I love discussions! Especially on discussion posts, which I think is where this issue is most likely to occur. If it’s a discussion, why are you putting an end to the discussion? Keep discussing!

Share your story: What do you think? Do you re-reply? Why or why not? Are you a blogger who has run into this before? Don’t you wish the commenter would return to re-reply?

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5 Responses to “Re-replying to a Comment”

  1. It depends for me. Sometimes, if the blogger has no plugin or something that notifies they’ve commented back, I may never even see their reply because I don’t keep track of all the posts I comment on. Or if I don’t feel like I really have anything to say in reply, then I don’t re-reply. But if I do have something else to say, then yeah, I love when comments turn into actual discussions!

  2. Usually, yes I love people keeping the discussion going, both when it’s on my own blog, or in another I’ve commented! Kristen does have a point though, comment notifications and systems can get in the way. For example, if I comment on a Blogger blog, I may never know if my comment has replies, so I don’t comment as much in those blogs.

  3. My answer is pretty much the same as Kristen’s. If the blogger has a way to notify me of their response, then I always try to go back and keep the conversation going. But I don’t keep track of all the posts I comment on, so if I’m not notified, I probably won’t come back to check.

  4. I assume the main reason a person wouldn’t return is if they didn’t realize that the blogger had replied to them. I get notifications for WordPress comments but if I comment on other blog platforms I have to remember that I left a comment and keep checking back to see if anyone answered. I will probably forget to do this.

    Getting email notifications isn’t very helpful as they usually end up in the junk folder.

  5. I also think it’s hard when there’s not a good way to see if the person has replied to your comment. That’s why I use Comment Reply Notification on my blog and I love WordPress blogs where I can get notifications in Reader. I try to tag other posts in Pocket so I remember to check and get back to them later, but sometimes I forget. I so wish there were a better, universal solution for this!

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