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20 December, 2012 / 0 Comments

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to quickly post to let my readers know why I haven’t put a review up in almost a week (!) and I’m not sure when I will have one up next (hopefully next week!!).

First of all, I’m sick.  Boo!  I hate being sick.  So, I don’t get much reading done when I’m not feeling well.

Second, it’s Christmas time and I have not completed my shopping!

The main reason is kind of a long story.  My husband and I recently adopted 2 kittens.  Before I go into my explanation of what this has to do with my lack of reviews, look how cute they are:

Aww, so sweet!!  Okay, so the black one is a male and his name is Spook (3 months old).  The tortoiseshell on the right is female and her name is ‘Lil Miss (2 months old).  Spook’s picture was taken when we first got him, so he’s bigger now.

Okay, so my story:  Spook is literally twice the size of ‘Lil Miss and he is pretty rough with her when playing.  I know they like each other, so that’s not a problem.  They play all the time!  He chases her, she chases him. But then he gets too rough and she cries  🙁  She’s so little!  So, until ‘Lil Miss grows up a bit and is able to fight back better and not get hurt, we are monitoring the situation.  We keep them separated when we aren’t home and when we are home, let’s just say they are a handful!  Thus, I don’t get very much reading done.  I don’t have any kids, but my sister has twins whom I have babysat before and I would seriously compare these two kittens to her baby twins!  It is really a challenge.  I have to protect ‘Lil Miss!  Look at her face…can you blame me?  And it seems like every time I sit down to read, that’s when they decide to get into kitten mode and go all crazy and start battling each other.  And then I get torn away from my book and go into ‘parent mode’.  Don’t get me wrong, they are wonderful kittens…so sweet and friendly and I love them, but it’s hard work!

Anyway, I apologize for my lack of reviews as of late and I hope to get one up shortly!  Thanks for understanding.  🙂

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