Review: A Handful of Blossoms

24 August, 2012 / 5 Comments

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I would like to thank Lara Biyuts for giving me the opportunity to
read and review her book. While I appreciate the copy, my review will be
completely honest and I will rate it as it appeals to me/my preferences.

A Handful of Blossoms by Lara Biyuts

Date Pub: June 1, 2012
Purchase: B&N | Kobo
My Copy: eBook, 213 pages
Goodreads Synopsis:
Time: 1764, a year after the Seven Years War (this first global military conflict took place much earlier than WWI, and it may be called the First World War, in fact). Set in Europe, the story is historical fiction, in which Author studies the interesting case when a gay man is enforced to get married to a female (dynastic marriage) and what comes of this unnatural act. Nothing playful, but the book is a story of a young thing, who learns the world. Nothing unworldly, but the mysterious and mighty undead, who appears in the winter tale of the novel Silver Thread Spinner, appears in this new story as well. The image of the undead is neither Author’s attempt to follow the fashion nor Author’s contribution to the modern day literary taste; Author merely loves speculating on the subject. “Shared, secret, celebrated, exploded, subtle–as an unrequited longing or mellowing through the years–at long distance, across continents or so close, it is never quite close enough–from the inside out and from the outside in, the likely and the unlikely–hot, unfair, jealous, crazy Love is coming. Get ready–now, it comes to You!” (Lara Biyuts)
I’m struggling a lot trying to come up with what to say about this book, so I decided I should just start typing and see what comes out!  This is not my type of book, so it is a bit difficult to review.  This review will probably be shorter than my usual reviews.
The book is historical fiction in the form of a diary written by a young girl named Constance (shortened name).  I found the story-telling through this narrator to be very well done and all of the characters had quite a bit of depth to them.  Biyuts did a very good job in her writing of this book.  I could actually see this book being studied as literature in a university class.  It very much reminds me of the books I used to read for school (which partly made me hate it, to be honest, because it felt like I was doing homework and I hate homework!).  But, overall, the book was good.
My personal opinions of this book, due to my personal tastes, are that the book was boring and difficult to get through.  But, this is of no reflection towards the book’s quality at all.  This is just because this particular genre is not up my alley.  I would definitely recommend this book to fans of historical fiction or maybe to fans of old-school Gothic literature (as I found it sort of had a Gothic tone to it, like the original Gothic literature, such as The Monk or The Italian).  I would not recommend this book to anyone deciding to step outside his/her genre though.
3_5 stars blue


A peek inside the book:
My love for him seems a procreation of my mind, 
since I realize now and I seem always to know
that my heart shouldn’t love him. My heart
mustn’t take to a man like he.

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