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4 October, 2013 / 2 Comments

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Don’t Turn Around (PERSEFoNE #2) by Michelle Gagnon

My Copy: Hardcover, 319 pages
Publication Date: August 27, 2013
Publisher: HarperCollins
Source: Borrowed from Library!
Genre: Mystery | Sci-Fi | Suspense/Thriller | Young Adult

Noa Torsen is on the run. Having outsmarted the sinister corporation Pike & Dolan, Noa and her friend Zeke now move stealthily across the country, protecting runaways before they become test subjects for P&D’s horrific experiments. Noa knows all too well what that feels like: Whatever they did to her has left her exhausted and scared.

Back in Boston, Peter anxiously follows Noa’s movements from his computer, using his hacker skills to feed her the information she needs to stay alive. But he’s desperate to do something more, especially when he learns what P&D has done to his ex-girlfriend Amanda.

Then, in an explosive confrontation, Noa and her team are trapped in the one place they thought was safe. It will take everything Noa and Peter have to bring down the corporation before it gets them first. And with no one to trust and enemies hiding at every turn, they may be the only people alive who can.

This stunning second book in the critically acclaimed Don’t Turn Around trilogy raises the stakes to their absolute limit and will leave readers begging for the exciting conclusion, Don’t Let Go.

My Review

I found Don’t Look Now to be pretty disappointing, overall.  I really enjoyed Don’t Turn Around and was, therefore, really looking forward to this book.  But, all I got was a disappointing sequel that definitely suffered from “middle book syndrome”.

The story felt like it went in a completely different direction than the first book.  It also had a very different tone.  Don’t Turn Around was non-stop action that kept me captivated and not wanting to put it down, whereas this one was much of a slower-pace.  I wouldn’t say this book was boring, but it just had a very different tone than the first book and I wasn’t prepared for that.

Now, after completing the book, I feel like the plot didn’t progress at all from the first book.  It feels as if we are basically where we were at the end of first book, with a couple more kids saved and a couple more people dead.  But, not much has changed from where the first book left off.  Middle book syndrome!

I had some issues with some aspects throughout the story.  I thought that some things seemed kind of unrealistic at times.  For example, Peter goes to break into someone’s home and purchases a key to let him in easily.  He purchases a master key that opens “any and all dead bolts, regardless of brand.”  Umm…okay…if that actually existed, it kind of defeats the purpose of keys and locks in the first place.  Talk about making it easy for Peter to break in!

I thought that all of the characters seemed different in Don’t Look Now than they were in Don’t Turn Around.  I don’t mean that they grew as characters and have changed that way…I mean that they are just different.  They almost seem like completely different characters in some ways.  And I didn’t find them to be as likeable either.  In the first book, Noa was all independent and badass and tough.  And now she’s like a typical teenager with boy problems and everything.  She’s totally lost her edge!  She also didn’t do any hacking in this book…at all!  She just threw all her hacking skills to the wind in order to lead this renegade squad of teens.  What??  This book is supposed to be a teen spin on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  What happened to her hacking??  That’s who Noa is!  Suffice it to say, Noa is COMPLETELY different in this book.

Don’t Look Now wasn’t a bad book.  It was just very disappointing, especially after liking Don’t Turn Around so much.  The characters weren’t as good and neither was the story.  Not cool.

SIK’s Short ‘n’ Sweet Version (Point-form Style)

I Liked:
– I like the series as a whole and still want to read the third book.
– There was a small twist at the end that I didn’t see coming (not the obvious one, the other one).
– The action scenes were good.
I Didn’t Care For:
– As a whole, this book was disappointing compared to Don’t Turn Around.
– The characters were very different and weren’t as likeable as in the first book.  Noa didn’t even do ANY hacking!
– The story wasn’t as captivating as the first book and nothing important really happened.  No progression to the story.
– Middle book syndrome!
3 stars blue
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