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28 January, 2013 / 7 Comments

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Don’t Turn Around (PERSEFoNE #1) by Michelle Gagnon

Publication Date: August 28, 2012

Publisher: HarperCollins
My Copy: ePub eBook
Source: Purchased
After waking up on an operating table with no memory of how she got there, Noa must team up with computer hacker Peter to stop a corrupt corporation with a deadly secret.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book.  Don’t Turn Around is filled with action, intensity, mystery, and kick-ass characters.  It is almost non-stop action and difficult to put down in parts.  The story revolves around the two characters of Noa and Peter as they try to escape, hide from, and defeat this crazy organization that is conducting experiments on teenage kids.

I very much liked Noa’s character.  She is not your typical kick-ass heroin.  She is very stand-offish and finds it difficult to trust people and to let people in.  But, it is clear that there is more to her than she lets on.  Her character is well-developed and I felt that I was able to grasp who she is, even though she acts very mysterious at times.  It was also easy to sympathize with her throughout the novel.

Peter, on the other hand, I don’t feel was as developed as Noa.  I didn’t really get a sense for his full personality or what he’s really like, other than the fact that he’s a rich kid and basically the opposite of Noa (in most aspects).  He is likeable, but forgettable.

The writing was very good.  It was gripping and moved at a quick pace, while always maintaining a certain level of intensity.  One complaint I have is, at the beginning of the book, when the author switches perspectives from Noa to Peter and vice versa, it was very abrupt and hard to tell it was switching at times.  There should have been an extra space or one of these: *** or something.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves action-packed stories.  I can’t wait to read the second book in the series.  The only thing that I think was missing was romance.  But, having said that, this is one of the very few books that I actually didn’t mind that there wasn’t a big romantic story inside; it really wasn’t necessary.

4_5 stars blue
A Peek Inside:
Three days ago, his biggest concern had been
fighting boredom on a Saturday night. Now he
was a car thief on the verge of breaking into a 
top-secret research facility that was probably
filled with highly trained armed adversaries. He
couldn’t go home, and he was partnered with a
girl he barely knew.

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  1. I honestly didn’t think that I would like this book when I first heard about it, but if I take into consideration all of the reviews that I have read, I think I would be an idiot not to give it a go! Thanks for your review!

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