Review: Endure by Carrie Jones (Need #4)

9 June, 2012 / 1 Comment

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Goodreads Synopsis:
It’s all-out war (and no-holds-barred romance) in the climactic conclusion to Carrie Jones’s bestselling series.
Zara is at the center of an impending apocalypse.  True, she’s successfully rescued Nick from Valhalla, but it simply isn’t enough.  Evil pixies are ravaging Bedford, and they need much more than one great warrior; they need an army.  Zara isn’t sure what her role is anymore.  She’s not just fighting for her friends; she’s also a pixie queen.  And to align her team of pixies with the humans she loves will be one of her greatest battles yet.  Especially since she can’t even reconcile her growing feelings for her pixie king . . .
Unexpected turns, surprising revelations, and one utterly satisfying romantic finale make Endure a thrilling end to this series of bestsellers.

Story/Plot: First of all, as a comment to the misleading synopsis quoted above…it says that there is “no-holds-barred romance” and “utterly satisfying romantic finale.”  Well, I do not agree with this.  There is VERY LITTLE romance in any of this series.  There are a couple of kisses and a little bit of lovey-dovey talk.  But that’s about it.  It is very PG, in my opinion.  So, this synopsis is misleading (and disappointing for all you romantics out there).  Other than that, the story was about the same as the other books in the series.  Not very satisfying, but decent enough I suppose.

Characters: Zara has changed since the first book of the series.  She is stronger (not just physically) and angrier, which is a nice change in my opinion.  She is more capable of standing up for herself in certain situations.  I found Nick to be a disappointing character in this book and I didn’t feel he had much of a presence…and neither did Devyn now that I think about it.  Astley and Issie seem the same and are in the book often.Writing: The writing is unsatisfactory again.  I feel like a broken record!  Now that I’m finished with this series (finally!) I can’t wait to find a mature writer!

Uniqueness/Creativity: There are some aspects of this book that were very creative and I was impressed, such as the visions of Hel (the place) and Hel (the person).

Overall:  Well, I am soooo glad that I am finished with this series.  Not that it was horrible or anything, it was decent…but I’ve had enough!  I find myself craving another fascinatingly captivating book like The Hunger Games and/or Divergent.  I love the cover of this book, it is very eye-catching (see what I did there?)!
As for the whole series…each book is about 200 pages long, so I feel that there was no need for 4 books, except for a money grab.  They could have easily made it into 3 books, or even 2 longer books.

3 stars blue

Quote from the book:

Astley slams his body over mine, covering it, protecting it with his own.  And that’s when the arrows
start hitting, one after another, after another.  They slice through his parka and into his skin.  I can 
hear the pain of it, feel it as he shudders from the impact.  His body starts falling down, pulled by 
gravity onto the hard floor, which seems made of some kind of stone.  Twisting around, I try to catch
him, manage to wrap my arms around him a bit before the first arrow slams into my shoulder.  Pain
spirals out, but I’m so mad I can ignore it, so scared it seems like nothing.  Then another hits, and
another, and it’s like I haven’t slept in eight hundred years and I suddenly really, really need to sleep.
They must have put something on the arrows, something to cause drowsiness.  Just drowsiness, I hope,
and not death.  I don’t know…I just know the darkness is getting darker and my hands can’t find
Astley…anymore…and I’m…


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