Review: Freakling by Lana Krumwiede

14 May, 2018 / 4 Comments


Freakling by Lana Krumwiede

My Copy: Hardcover, 320 pages
Publication Date: July 1, 2012
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Source: Won

In twelve-year-old Taemon’s city, everyone has a power called psi — the ability to move and manipulate objects with their minds. When Taemon loses his psi in a traumatic accident, he must hide his lack of power by any means possible. But a humiliating incident at a sports tournament exposes his disability, and Taemon is exiled to the powerless colony.

The “dud farm” is not what Taemon expected, though: people are kind and open, and they actually seem to enjoy using their hands to work and play and even comfort their children. Taemon adjusts to his new life quickly, making friends and finding unconditional acceptance.

But gradually he discovers that for all its openness, there are mysteries at the colony, too—dangerous secrets that would give unchecked power to psi wielders if discovered.

When Taemon unwittingly leaks one of these secrets, will he have the courage to repair the damage—even if it means returning to the city and facing the very people who exiled him?

My Review

The concept of this book is very interesting and intriguing. It was presented decently, but didn’t wow me whatsoever. I found the story actually rather dull considering the unique concept. Unfortunately, I was bored the majority of the time and found myself skimming in parts. It really failed to captivate me and I had to force myself to continue, which nobody wants to do. I powered through, though, because there’s really nothing wrong with the book.

The world building wasn’t up to par in my opinion. I’m left wondering how these people, who are human beings, developed psi in the first place. I’m very curious about the backstory and how this all came to be. None of this is explained, however. Life before psi isn’t even mentioned. Maybe in this world there was no life without psi and humans always had it? In that case, though, I think that needs to be mentioned somewhere so that I’m not left wondering about it.

The story was actually quite predictable for the most part, which is disappointing, especially since it has a unique concept.

Overall, I’m disappointed and I’m just glad to be done reading this book so that I can stop forcing myself to go back to it. I don’t see myself picking up the second book in the series.

Best Aspect: Creativity
Worst Aspect: World building


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