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18 July, 2014 / 2 Comments

Carrier (The Line #1) by Anne Tibbets

My Copy: ARC eBook, 210 pages
Publication Date: June 16, 2014
Publisher: Carina Press
Source: Xpresso Book Tours
Genre: Dystopian | New Adult

Twenty-two -year-old Naya has spent nearly half her life as a sex slave in a government institution called The Line. When she’s kicked out after getting pregnant with twins, she’s got no way to earn a living and a horrifying choice to make: find someone to replace her, or have her babies taken in her stead.

A doctor with a history of aiding ex-Line girls, Ric Bennett, wants to help. He runs a team of rebels that can delete Naya’s records and free her forever. But when The Line sniffs out his plan, things get bloody, fast. Naya means more to them than just a chance at fresh faces—her twins are part of the government’s larger plan.

As they hide from government search parties, Ric comes to admire Naya’s quiet strength. And Naya realizes Ric might be a man she can trust. If they make it off the grid, they could build a new life. But first they’ll have to survive the long, vicious reach of The Line.

My Review

What you’re in for: Sex slaves. An outside world that’s not much better than “the Line”. Hard times. A man’s world. Defiance. On the run.

The dystopian society: Doesn’t seem to be very far into the future. The way the world is, you would think the setting is more futuristic than it seems to be, but all of the technology and things seem the same or very similar to modern day technology. I hate it when it doesn’t mention a date. I like having some clue as to when it is taking place.

Am I glad I read it? In short, yes. I love the author’s message through this dystopian story and how, even though she told it this way, these things are real in our current time.
A New Adult novel that’s not dominated by romance! However, there is a tad bit of romance.  Not very good romance, though, in my opinion.  I found it unrealistic how Naya was a sex slave for 9 years and yet she has these feelings for Ric. I mean, I know she’s conflicted about the feelings and it scares her, but still. I would think someone who went through the horrible things that she did – as many times as she did and for how much of her life she did – would be pretty hard emotionally and wouldn’t trust a man, let alone have feelings for one. I would think that a girl like her would be turned off of men completely after those 9 years. Is that just me?
Overall, it was a decent read. It kept my interest and I would like to continue the duology.

3_5 stars blue


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2 Responses to “Review & Giveaway: Carrier”

  1. I really loved this one, but I definitely do see your point about the romance. I thought that it was okay because it didn’t ever get past a kiss and took a while to develop. Plus Ric and Naya were thrown together in such extreme circumstances that it felt a bit more natural for something to happen between them. But, yes, realistically romance would probably be the last thing on Naya’s mind. Great review!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

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