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29 August, 2012 / 2 Comments

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“Prophet” by Jennifer Bosworth

Date Pub: April 25, 2012
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My Copy: eBook, 8 pages

Goodreads Synopsis:
Some men are born monsters . . . others are made so. In “Prophet,” Rance Ridley, the teenage son of a cult leader, lives on an isolated compound, disconnected from modern civilization. There is no running water. No electricity. And no law but the Prophet’s. When Rance is caught in an act of flagrant disobedience, his father delivers the ultimate punishment, and Rance is set on a course that will change everything. “Prophet” is a disturbing glimpse into the past of the villain of Jennifer Bosworth’s debut novel, Struck.

This short story was pretty good all-in-all.  It is a very short story and I feel that Bosworth could have easily went a bit more into the explanation of what exactly this community was all about.  Other than that, everything was explained in a sufficient, concise manner.

This story was very interesting and well-written.  At first, I wasn’t sure that I was interested in reading the novel, Struck, as I felt that this story was good enough on its own and I didn’t know if I wanted to read an entire novel about it.  However, after re-reading the synopsis (because, apparently, I didn’t read it properly the first time–or maybe I just didn’t remember what the synopsis had said), I am interested in reading the novel that follows this short story.  While reading “Prophet”, I thought that Rance was the main character and protagonist of the novel as well, but then I re-read the synopsis and discovered that he is actually the villain!  What?!?  Okay, now I am very interested in reading Struck!  I thought Rance (the protagonist of “Prophet”) was a good boy, who was just following the messages of God . . . but it seems as though I was wrong . . . he is a villain in the novel and I want to understand why!

3_5 stars blue
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2 Responses to “Review: Prophet”

  1. Wendy

    Well, thank goodness there is a novel following the short story! I am always reluctant to read short stories because I prefer a good, lengthy book!

    • Haha, yeah. It depends, though. Sometimes a short story is good on its own, in my opinion. But, I really don’t read them that often. I tend to prefer novels as well! 🙂

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