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21 October, 2012 / 5 Comments

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texting tyler by Rebecca Rembish

Pub Date: August 29, 2012
My Copy: eBook, 173 pages

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In a time where people rely on their cell phones for everything, a romance like this was bound to happen.

Christopher Clarke is the nicest guy Amy Fallon has ever met. He is sixteen, handsome, smart, funny…an all-around great guy. Tyler Clarke is hot. So why is Amy, one of the smartest girls in school, so clueless when it comes to realizing who she is truly falling in love with? Or better yet, who’s falling in love with her.

Amy is forced to spend the week at her grandmother’s house in Arizona. She returns home to New York with a closer bond to her grandmother, a best friend she adores, and a boyfriend she believes is everything she has ever dreamed of.

After months of sporadic long distance texting, Amy’s infatuation with Tyler continues growing. She shares evening video chats with Chris, while convincing herself Tyler is the brother she truly cares for. Things finally seem to be falling in to place for Amy…that is, until she starts to realize whom her heart is truly longing for.

When she returns to Arizona almost a year later, things don’t go quite as planned. Amy is blindsided not only by the death of her grandmother, but she learns the truth behind the text messages from Tyler.

My Review
texting tyler is quite a cute little love story.  It is not, however, one of those YA novels that are also for adults.  It is quite immature and the characters are very childish at times.  But, it is a young adult novel, so it is fitting.  Though, I would say that it is more appropriate for middle grade readers or younger teenagers.  The story was good and I was interested to see what was going to happen between the two main characters of Amy and Chris.  But, I could have easily have set it aside and not went back to it as well.  This is probably mostly due to the immaturity of it.  I am a fan of YA, but mature YA.
The characters of Amy and Chris are both fairly likeable characters.  I found myself sympathizing with Chris way more than with Amy.  I found Amy to be very childish — even though she started out as a sixteen-year-old — and a little bit too naive.  Chris was more mature, most of the time.  Rembish did a good job of making these teenagers sound and act like true teenagers through their conversations and texts.
I wasn’t a big fan of the writing quality.  It had its good moments, but overall it was pretty weak.  I found several instances of misplaced commas and other grammatical errors.  The writing was also a bit immature for my liking.
Overall, I wasn’t a huge fan of the novel.  But, as I said, I am not a fan of immature/middle-grade YA.  I think that this story would be enjoyable for those younger readers who just want to read a cute and simple love story.  Therefore, I would recommend texting tyler to those younger readers.
3 stars blue


A Peek Inside:
She was standing there and then boom, they
were kissing. The kiss took her completely by
surprise. Someone is kissing me…me, someone
is actually kissing me.
“I can’t wait.” Amy was genuinely excited.
The walked out to the parking lot and said their goodbyes.
“See ya tomorrow!” Dana shouted to them as they were walking away.
“Okay!” Amy yelled back. They had just left and she already couldn’t wait to see them again the next day.
“They’re cool, right?” Chris asked.
“Very,” Amy answered right away.
Chris puffed his chest out. “I knew you’d like them. I could tell they really liked you too.”
They waited by the car for Tyler, who took his time walking over to join them. He moved slowly, clicking the doors open with his key chain. They were all about to get in the car when Tyler turned to Chris.
“Hey man chuck this for me.” Tyler held out the soda cup he was slurping on during the movie.
“Chuck it yourself,” Chris said.
“Then walk home,” Tyler said matter-of-factly.
“Just give it to me.” Chris huffed as he took the soda cup from his brother and walked over to the trashcan.
Amy and Tyler got in to the car shutting the doors. She heard a click and looked over at Tyler who was laughing. “Watch this,” he said to her.
A moment later Chris came back and opened the door to the car. Clunk, it wouldn’t open.
“Unlock the door,” Chris said through the window.
Tyler ignored him.
“Open the door,” Chris said impatiently.
Tyler clicked the button back and forth quickly. Chris went to open the door. Clunk, it wouldn’t open.
Amy shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Tyler looked over at her and lifted his eyebrows at her as he continued to laugh.
“Tyler, I swear to God man. Why are you doing this?” Chris asked shaking his head.
Amy felt bad for him. Tyler continued to ignore him and started the car. Amy looked out the window at Chris giving him a sympathetic look. Tyler put the car in drive and drove forward a few feet. Chris walked forward a few feet and knocked on the window.
“Come on man please,” Chris begged.
Tyler clicked the door and this time Chris was able to get in. “You’re such a puss Chris. I shoulda made you walk home.” Tyler laughed at him before turning the volume of the music up high so that no one was able to talk the entire ride home.
Amy felt her phone vibrate in her pocket and she slid the phone out to see a text from Chris.
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