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The Heir (The Selection #4) by Kiera Cass

the heirMy Copy: Paperback, 352 pages
Publication Date: May 5, 2015
Publisher: HarpTeen
Source: Purchased

Princess Eadlyn has grown up hearing endless stories about how her mother and father met. Twenty years ago, America Singer entered the Selection and won the heart of Prince Maxon—and they lived happily ever after. Eadlyn has always found their fairy-tale story romantic, but she has no interest in trying to repeat it. If it were up to her, she’d put off marriage for as long as possible.

But a princess’s life is never entirely her own, and Eadlyn can’t escape her very own Selection—no matter how fervently she protests.

Eadlyn doesn’t expect her story to end in romance. But as the competition begins, one entry may just capture Eadlyn’s heart, showing her all the possibilities that lie in front of her . . . and proving that finding her own happily ever after isn’t as impossible as she’s always thought.

My Review

Okay, where’s book 5? Seriously, I devoured this book and I’m ready for more! Do I really have to wait another whole year?!

How can it even end like that? That should be illegal considering the first 3 books!

Okay, a review now. But how? I’m so in love with this series. Kiera Cass is an amazing storyteller. She just has a way of completely captivating me. I just can’t put her books down and I read them faster than normal. I can’t wait to read more!

Okay, so a kind of disappointing factor would be the characters.

Eadlyn is an unlikable character. I’m pretty sure it’s on purpose, but it still irked me. She acts like a spoiled brat most of the time. And when she’s not acting like a spoiled brat, she’s on some kind of power trip. This is not the type of girl you want as your Queen. I’m glad they made her do the Selection so that potentially someone else can help her rule (and maybe change her attitude). However, her snarkiness can be quite hilarious at times (like when she first meets the boys). She does get better throughout the book and we see softer sides to get and learn that she just puts up that hard front because she’s afraid to let anyone in. But still.

I feel like we didn’t get to know a lot of the boys very well. Even the boys we did learn more about and that Eadlyn sees more often, I feel like we still don’t really KNOW them as well as we should after an entire novel. I understand that it’s difficult considering the ratio of boys to pages, but I wish we could have seen more! I suppose we will in the fifth book, though. Is the fifth the final book? I hope not. I could keep reading this series forever!

I was also disappointed with the lack of romance in this book. Considering just how romance-heavy the first 3 books were, I expected this one to be similar. Not the case. I realize that this is because of the personality of Eadlyn, as she is pretty much against falling in love because she refuses to be vulnerable. But I love romance! I look forward to seeing more romance in the fifth book.

Also, these covers are all gorgeous!

Best Aspect: Captivity/Story
Worst Aspect: Characters

4_5 stars blue

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