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Whisper Walker by London Cole

Pub Date: April 7, 2012
My Copy: eBook, 138 pages

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Seventeen year-old Acquisitions Specialist Drake Adair is legendary at his job: he can obtain anything from anyone and from anywhere, without getting caught. At least, he’s never been caught before.

This time things go differently. He ends up on the run from the enemy Guild and takes refuge in a cave, only to get stuck in a pit in the back of the cave. He might be the only living human in there, but he’s not alone.

Kelsie, Drake’s roommate and closest friend since she fled her filicidal father, has secrets. Secrets she keeps even from Drake. Sneaking outside the Gates into the wild, she risks everything for a little excitement. Her lies now threaten everything she cares about most in her life.

Drake unearths a plot by an enemy Guild to tear apart life as he knows it. The very people closest to him may be pawns in the grisly scheme, leaving Kelsie and Drake with no one to turn to as they struggle to find answers before it’s too late.

Set eighty years after World War III, Kelsie and Drake pair up to protect the only life they know in a harsh and unforgiving world. They must each come to grips with his abilities, her secrets, and their mixed feelings for each other. Will they make it? Or will the very foundations of their lives be ripped from beneath them.


My Review
Whisper Walker is the first book in the Whisper Walker Series.  I did not overly care for this novel.  I found it disappointing because YA dystopian fiction is my favourite genre at the moment.  But, I just couldn’t get into the story or connect with these characters.
The story sounds interesting in the synopsis and has a lot of potential to make an interesting read.  However, I felt that it fell short.  There is definitely a lot of action and adventure, but it failed to capture my interest.  I also found the characters, Drake and Kelsie, to be a bit annoying at times and not very likeable.  They were also difficult to relate to and connect with.  This led me to not really care about any of the crazy happenings in their lives.  I wasn’t rooting them on or sympathizing with them.
Many of the problems that I found with this book, I think, came down to the writing skills and story-telling.  The writing quality certainly wasn’t horrible, it was actually decent.  But, I think that a lot of the choices the writer made caused me to dislike the story and the characters.  One aspect that sticks out in my mind is I didn’t feel there was enough dialogue in the book.  Maybe if there was more dialogue between Kelsie and Drake I would have been able to see their personalities more and they would have become more likeable characters.  Or maybe I would have disliked them even more…who knows?  However, the story is told in first person narration, alternating both Drake and Kelsie’s POVs, so I should know their personalities enough from that, right?
I’m not sure if I would recommend this book.  I think some scenes are too mature for young adults, even though it is a young adult book.  Drake and Kelsie have a platonic relationship, but they shower together all the time like it’s no big deal.  And there are descriptions of their “fronts” rubbing up against each other as they switch sides of the shower.  I just don’t think that this type of situation is appropriate for younger audiences.  I guess I’ll just recommend to be your own judge on this book…if you would like to take your chances on this book, go for it!  Just because I didn’t overly care for it doesn’t mean you won’t.  It has almost all 4 star ratings on Goodreads.  I, myself, am stopping at this book and am not going to continue reading the series.
2.5 stars blue


A Peek Inside the Book:
“…yes, the Magistrate is proceeding as directed. The guard
is being halved and the Hunters are being sent on treks
from which they won’t return…”

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