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24 October, 2012 / 1 Comment

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“Your Magnetic Mind” by Aan D. Frazier

Pub Date: Oct. 1, 2012
My Copy: eBook, 85 pages

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Did you know that the Law of Attraction is already at work in your life? That one of the most powerful laws in the universe — which has the potential to break you free from feelings of impossibility and perhaps change your life forever — has been sitting right under our nose?

“Your Magnetic Mind” explains the Law of Attraction in its entirety. Once you understand how the Law of Attraction is already working in your life, the fun really begins. With a sharp awareness of the factors that affect your reality and what you attract, you can use the Law of Attraction to accomplish your goals. The carefully crafted words of this book will inspire you to realize your mind’s unlimited potential.

“Your Magnetic Mind”‘s genesis came from the lack of simple and clear books on the Law of Attraction. Author Aan D. Frazier states, “The Law of Attraction is beneficial for all people to know; therefore, it should be presented in a way that all people can understand.”


My Review
This book is a very quick and easy read.  Frazier did a good job in explaining the concepts without confusing readers; everything was laid out in a straightforward manner and was easy to understand.  However, I felt that she could have gone a little more in depth with some of the concepts; it felt like more of an introduction than a full explanation.  This made me feel as though Frazier is not much of an expert on the subject.  But, I think this is a good starter book for someone interested in the subject.

The book is filled with a lot of examples from Frazier’s life experiences in using the Law of Attraction, and she used these examples as proof that it really works.  This is all fine and dandy, but I would have liked to have seen some hard facts, such as case studies or something similar.  I know that concepts such as the ones in this book are difficult to actually prove, but I think some examples from expert/scientific trials or studies would have made her arguments stronger.

I really liked the section where Frazier went through some basic visualization techniques that are supposed to help one achieve goals and ambitions.  I believe that the mind is a very powerful tool and that if you think that you can achieve something, you are likely to succeed; whereas if you think you can’t, then you probably won’t.  So by using these techniques in the book, it can help a person get their mind on track in order to achieve one’s goals.

I found the writing style to be good.  It was not like reading a text book, as one might suspect with a book like this.  It flowed really well and was easy to read.

I would recommend this book to anyone who might have a general interest in the Law of Attraction or visualization, as well as anyone who is feeling that their dreams may be out of reach or that they can’t achieve certain goals.  This may be the book that changes your whole world…who knows?

3 stars blue
A Peek Inside:
Positive thinking and good feelings are
wonderful energies to put toward our goals,
but when our minds truly believe in our ability
to do something, it gives us phenomenal energy.

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