Why I Love the Book Blogging Community

3 December, 2014 / 4 Comments


You don’t Judge

It’s funny, because as book bloggers, we are constantly giving our opinions (whether it be in our blog posts or commenting on someone else’s blog post).  But, we don’t judge in a bad way.  Do you know what I mean?  We write our thoughts about books and book-related things all the time, whether it be negative or positive thoughts.  But, rarely do you see a blogger commenting on someone else’s blog negatively.  They may not agree and voice that disagreement, but (almost) always in a friendly and conversational manner.  Not in a rude way that puts you down for thinking the way you do.

For example, last week I posted about not being a fan of GIFs.  Some of you agreed.  And some of you didn’t agree and you even use GIFs regularly, BUT you were super understanding of my reasons for not liking GIFs and you commented kindly and respectfully.

As bloggers, we understand that everyone has a different opinion and I feel like we are respectful of others because we are bloggers.  We are constantly running into differing opinions from our own.  And we don’t put others down if they hated a book we loved or vice versa.

Other People Judge!

You know they do.  They judge in a bad way.  For example, a conversation I had with a co-worker:

Co-worker: Oh, you have a blog?
Me: Yep!
Co-worker: Cool!
(Co-worker checks out blog and reports back to me)
Co-worker: Wow, your blog is filled with books I would NEVER read.

Now, it’s not what she said exactly.  It’s totally the way she said it.  Like she was putting me down or thinking less of me because my blog is filled with Young Adult books.  Okay, so she’s not into YA…….so?? That doesn’t give her the right to think less of me for liking something that she doesn’t, does it?

I don’t get why non-bloggers are so judgmental in a disrespectful way, when bloggers are so open to others’ opinions.

Share your story: What do you think?  Have you ever run into a situation like the one above and just thought it was so incredibly rude of them to act like that and be so closed-minded?  Why are bloggers so awesome when it comes to respecting others’ opinions?

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4 Responses to “Why I Love the Book Blogging Community”

  1. I think it’s because in this community we are always expressing our personal opinions and we have learned the value of it, we understand that what we read is something very personal about the author and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.
    I once got a comment like the one you mentioned: my friend didn’t know I have a blog (few people actually know) and we were discussing some websites and he literally said “I don’t get why people blog, It’s like they have nothing to do and just want attention” I remember I just staring at him because I couldn’t find what to say. Sorry for any bad grammar, English is not my first language 🙂

  2. Your example of judgemental people is actually the reason, why I don’t share that I’m blogging in private and work life. Only my boyfriend knows and only because I know he would not read it, because he is not much into books and when he reads books, not much into the genres I like.
    I want people to read and follow my blog because of the stuff I post, because we might have the same taste, not because they know me and suddenly see a new side of me (which they never saw, because we don’t share this common interest), for which they could start to judge.


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