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8 January, 2014 / 0 Comments

Bookish Stumblings is a new feature that I decided to do here at SIK Book Reviews.  In these posts, I will let you know anything of interest that I stumbled upon, having to do with books of course!  The stumblings could be anything from news in the book world to pictures of cool bookish accessories.  I’m pretty excited about this new feature.  I loved telling you guys this kind of stuff when I used to do Newsday Tuesday.  This post will be random, so be sure to check back if you like it!

Another awesome year for Goodreads

Goodreads recently posted the following infographic on their blog.  They are doing better than ever and still growing!  (So much for people boycotting them after all that drama about reviews…you know what I’m talking about…)  Check it out:

Books are better than their movies!

We already knew this, right?  But, it’s still fun to look at charts and stuff!  I would like to see Catching Fire on this list, though.  The movie adaptation was amazing; very close to as good as the book, in my opinion.

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