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24 December, 2013 / 1 Comment

Bookish Stumblings is a new feature that I decided to do here at SIK Book Reviews.  In these posts, I will let you know anything of interest that I stumbled upon, having to do with books of course!  The stumblings could be anything from news in the book world to pictures of cool bookish accessories.  I’m pretty excited about this new feature.  I loved telling you guys this kind of stuff when I used to do Newsday Tuesday.  This post will be random, so be sure to check back if you like it!

A Fourth Book in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Series?
Reportedly, there is going to be a fourth book to the popular trilogy.  But, didn’t the author (Stieg Larsson) pass away?  Well, yes.  Instead, a journalist named David Lagercrantz is taking it upon himself to write this fourth book and it is set to hit stores in 2014.  It’s not based off anything planned by the original author and, in fact, even Larsson’s spouse doesn’t approve of the book.  Sounds like fan fiction to me…but I guess we’ll see…


A Goodreads for Kids!

I think this is awesome.  This new site, BiblioNasium, is apparently similar to Goodreads, but for kids!  Kids can sign up and add books, share with friends, and recommend books to others.  Just like Goodreads is for adults.  I guess it’s spreading into schools and teachers are getting students to sign up to encourage reading.  Teachers and parents can track reading progress and set challenges for the kids.  I love this!

New from The Sweet Trilogy

I love this series by Wendy Higgins, both Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril.  Now, Wendy Higgins just released an extra short story written from Kai’s POV.  And the best part?  It’s free!  Check it out (along with other extras) here.  The newest one is the one with the picture I put on the left and is called “SWEET PERIL Bonus Scene”.




Divergent Movie News

Okay, anyone else extremely excited about the movie adaptation for Divergent?!?  I cannot freaking wait!  It looks like it’s going to be soooo good!!  I hope it is!!  Aaaanyway…a new clip from the movie adaptation was released a few days ago.  Check it out!

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