The Emotional Roller Coaster of a Toddler

19 April, 2018 / 2 Comments

If you have/had a toddler or have been around a toddler for a significant period of time, you know how much of a roller coaster their emotions really are.  I mean, it’s complete madness at times!  And us parents don’t have a clue sometimes what the heck is going on!  We can recognize whether they’re mad, sad, happy, etc., but the reason?  Sometimes the child itself doesn’t even know.  I’ve decided it might be fun to document some of the crazy things my toddler does (and maybe I’ll add some cute moments too – we’ll see how it goes) so we can all have a good chuckle (because at the time I can almost guarantee you I wasn’t laughing – I was likely stressed the F out).  Sound fun?  Okay, here we go…

Breakfast Shenanigans

My daughter was so hungry she got mad when I gave her breakfast.  Then she got mad when I tried to take it away, so I gave it back.  Then she wanted up.  But she got mad when I tried to take her tray off her high chair in order to accomplish the picking up of her, so I put it back.  But she wanted UP!  So I unbuckled her and managed to pick her up while leaving the tray on her high chair.  But then she was mad because her food was out of reach, so I tried sitting her on my lap right in front of the food.  But she wanted back in her high chair, so I took her tray off, put her breakfast on the dining room table, put her in her high chair, and scooted her up to the table like a big girl.  She was finally happy and laughing in no time……..until she noticed her tray over on the ottoman.  So I put her tray back on her high chair.  Then I placed her plate on the tray, which she got very upset about, so I put it back on the table.  But she got mad because she could no longer reach her food.  So I tried putting her plate on her tray again, but nope she doesn’t want it on her tray – she wants it on the table.  I put her sideways at the table so that she could have her empty tray and could still reach her food on the table.  This wasn’t satisfactory.  A few more rounds of circling the same options and it turned out she actually did want her food on her tray, not on the table.  How silly of me for not trying that the first time……………………….

Bedtime Struggles

My daughter was tucked in nicely and about to fall asleep when!  She suddenly stands up crying and holding her elephant out toward the closed door (I have a video monitor).  I go rushing in because this is a rather strange thing for her to do.  She loves her elephant.  I go take the elephant from her and she instantly lays back down.  I wonder if she doesn’t want her elephant in her crib tonight?  I try placing him outside of her crib and she screams.  Okay, clearly not the case.  I try putting him beside her (exactly where he was before all this).  She seems okay with that.  I leave the room.  A few minutes later – same thing!  She’s up holding her elephant toward the closed door.  I go in again and take the elephant from her.  She lays back down.  I try putting the elephant outside her crib.  She screams.  I place the elephant back in beside her again.  She seems okay.  I go to leave, but don’t make it out before she’s holding Grey Owl out to me.  I place Grey Owl outside the crib.  She screams.  I place Grey Owl beside her where he was.  She seems fine.  I begin to leave, but don’t make it out before she starts crying again.  I go back to reassess.  She points to Grey Owl and her elephant.  She’s upset about something.  I realize maybe she wants Grey Owl and the elephant to be tucked in under the blanket too?  That worked and she fell asleep very quickly thereafter………………………..

Share your story: Have you been through similar situations?  How did you deal?  Can you look back now and laugh?

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