Freezing when Commenting!

2 February, 2017 / 18 Comments

Does this ever happen to you?

You write this big, long, thoughtful comment on a blog post.  You fill out your name, email, and website address and then click submit.  You wait.  You look at the little circle going round and round…and then the error page pops up!  But you just put so much time and effort into that comment all for it to just disappear into thin air.

What do you do now?

Do you re-type the comment?  Do you re-write a much shorter comment just so that you say at least part of what you wanted to say?  Or do you simply leave the page and forget about it?

I used to have this dilemma.

Honestly, if it was a very long comment, I think I would usually just leave and say screw it.  It frustrated the crap out of me.  And the chances of me remembering everything I typed out the first time?  Psht.  Not gonna happen.  So, I give up.  That person doesn’t get to find out all of my wonderful and very interesting thoughts.

If I wrote out a smaller comment and it got lost, I would likely re-type it.  That’s not as difficult to remember and not as time-consuming either.

What do I do these days?

Okay, so this seriously happens to me far too often.  And I have no clue why.  I have a pretty good laptop and I don’t have issues with other things freezing.  So, why does it happen so often when I comment?  Who knows!  Anyway, these days I have gotten into the habit of copying my long comments before I hit that submit button just in case they get lost.  This way, if the page freezes, I can just paste my comment and try again!  Yay!  This is much better for me and then I don’t get so frustrated.  Omg it is so frustrating to lose a long, thoughtful comment!  Don’t you think?


Share your story: Does this ever happen to you?  What do you do if/when it does?  Do you ever copy your comment before submitting just in case the page freezes?

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18 Responses to “Freezing when Commenting!”

  1. Hahaha I do the exact same thing. Whenever I remember, I copy my comments just in case that happens, that way I can just paste it right in and hit the button again! It’s definitely super frustrating losing a long, thoughtful comment, so it’s worth it to just copy it!

  2. I always copy my comments before I post them, too. What is far more annoying to me, however, are the blogs that make me go through five steps to prove I am human. I usually don’t return to comment there.

  3. I copy just about every single comment! I’ve had this happen WAY too much, and it’s always on the comments I’m most excited about! 🙁 Painful. Agh. I used to either type a very condensed version and grumble about it, or just say f* it and move on. Which left me with an icky feeling because I didn’t actually weigh in on the topic I was interesting in.

  4. This has happened to me so many times! I tend to copy my comments now, especially on blogger blogs because for some reason it happens quite often with those where I click publish and my comment just disappears! So frustrating!

  5. I think sometimes it happens more on certain browsers than others. If I’m struggling, I’ll copy the comment, then open a different browser and leave it there. Of course, I don’t usually remember to save my comment, so that only happens if I take the time to re-write it. I also wonder if I should let the blogger know, or if it’s a glitch on my end. If my blog is giving people trouble and preventing them from interacting, I wouldn’t know unless someone told me, right?

    • Sam

      Interesting. I only use Google Chrome, so I’m not sure.

      I have that dilemma sometimes as well – do I or don’t I tell the blogger about it? I mean, what if everyone is having trouble with commenting and the blogger could do something to fix it? But at the same time, what if it’s just me and then I’m worrying them needlessly? I honestly wouldn’t even know what to do if someone told me my comment form wasn’t working. I would definitely try to get to the bottom of it, though!

  6. Ahh this happens a lot to me too!! I used to get upset and most of the time decided to just leave it because typing all over again is exhausting hahah but lately I have this habit of writing my comment in notepad first and then I copy-paste it to my comment box. I first did it because it was easier to comment, like if I type on the comment box in the bottom, it’s more difficult to come back to the text. I have to scroll up, scroll down, every time I need to re-read something haha but now I realized it serves double purpose! 😀

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