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19 December, 2013 / 2 Comments

Life of a Blogger is a new meme hosted by Novel Heartbeat.  The point is to talk about non-book related things so that our readers get to know us better.  A new topic is posted each week.  Sounds like fun to me!

This week’s topic: Significant Others

Well, I’ve mentioned him before, but in case you missed it…  I do have a significant other.  My husband of about a year and a half.  His name is Justin.  We got married June 16, 2012.  But, we have actually been together for 9.5 years!  Yes, he definitely took his time proposing!  But that’s okay; he was worth the wait.  🙂

Not really sure what else to say.  I could gush about him — how sweet and wonderful he is and how lucky I am to have found him — but I don’t know if you want to hear about that.  I kind of wish these topics came with a set of questions to answer or some sub-topics or something.  Haha.  I’m at a bit of a loss as to what else to say.  I guess I’ll wing it (sorry if it’s not interesting stuff)…

How We Met

Well, it’s kind of funny, because we actually went to the same high school all four years together.  But, we never actually ‘met’ until just before graduation.  We were both working at the same place (Domino’s Pizza) and ended up talking and hanging out initially that way.  So, even though we went to school together and always kind of knew who each other were, we actually first ‘met’ at work in 2004.  Then, one thing led to another and we eventually started dating later the same year.  And the rest is history.


Our Engagement

K, I don’t think that he would actually want me to go into details on this one, because he was so nervous about it.  Seriously, he was shaking when he proposed.  Even though we had been together for about 6.5 years at the time.  Why was he so nervous?  Lol.  Anyway, he proposed in December of 2010.  So, we were engaged for about a year and a half before we actually got married.  We planned the wedding for after we graduated university, so that’s why we waited so long.  It was good though, as it gave us lots of time to plan all the details without the stress of a time constraint.


Our Wedding

…was beautiful.  Seriously, it was very close to perfect.  Everything went very smoothly on the day of.  There was just one thing that prevented it from being absolutely perfect and I’m not sure I really want to go deep into it on here.  This is supposed to be about my husband!  But, I guess I’ll mention it a little bit and you can fill in the blanks.  Two weeks before the wedding, my dad had a heart attack and had to undergo open-heart surgery.  It was impossible to know if he was going to be able to make it to the wedding, but he did!  He was feeling very weak and missed quite a bit of the wedding, but he did manage to walk me down the aisle and dance with me (for almost the whole song!).  Aaaanyway…that was really sad and hard and a very emotional and stressful 2 weeks leading up to the wedding.  But, other than that issue with my dad, the rest of the wedding went very well!  (And my dad is fine now…all back to normal, in case you were wondering!)

So, yeah.  I love my husband, Justin.  And that’s our story in a very short ‘n’ sweet way.  🙂

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2 Responses to “Life of a Blogger — Significant Others”

  1. That’s so adorable! I think it’s kinda funny that he was nervous after you’d been together for so long. Umm, obviously you want to marry him if you’ve stuck around that long! Lmao! That’s cool that you guys went to the same school but didn’t know each other until after. It’s funny when someone who has been in your life is meant for you but you don’t even know until the time is right!
    And I seriously teared up at the part about your dad. I don’t know what I’d do if that happened to my daddy 🙁

    • Haha, yeah I know. And we had talked about it and I made it clear that I did want to marry him and was basically just waiting for him to be ready. So, there was really no need for him to be nervous!
      Aww. Yeah, it was pretty brutal! But he’s all better now and that’s what matters! 🙂

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