Moving Away From YA?

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I’m Surrounded and Dominated by YA

I’ve been thinking this through a lot lately.  My reading and blog have been dominated by Young Adult books for so long and I do truly love YA.  In fact, I think all of my favourite books are YA.  And The Hunger Games is what kicked me into my ultimate reading frenzy!  But, lately, I’ve been feeling the need to read more Adult books.  I still want to read YA.  I mean, my bookshelf and Goodreads “to-read” shelf are stacked with YA books, so I definitely will read more YA.  But, this is also kind of the problem.  I got so into YA that all I was adding to Goodreads were YA books.  The blogs I follow all feature YA books.  I am SURROUNDED BY YA!!

But I Want to Read More Adult

I’m finding it difficult to merge over to Adult books.  Like I said, all the blogs I follow talk mostly about YA books, so I keep seeing new YA books that I want to read and add those to my Goodreads.  All of my recommendations on Goodreads, Kobo, Amazon, etc. are YA, because that is what I have read most!  I haven’t read many Adult books, so I don’t have too many go-to authors (maybe one or two).  So, how do I find out about good Adult books and add them like crazy to Goodreads so that my shelves aren’t completely dominated by YA?  I want Adult books to start competing with YA books on my Goodreads so I always have good options to choose from for both age groups!  Get what I’m saying?

Then, There’s My Bookshelf

Both my physical bookshelf and my Kobo eReader contain many unread YA books (along with a few borrowed Adult books).  So, of course, I feel like I need to get all of these read before purchasing more.  But, there are so many left!  This makes me feel as though I will be reading YA, and YA only, forever!!

Help Me Out!

Can anyone suggest any good Adult book blogs?  How about some Adult books or authors?

Do you feel this way (it doesn’t have to be exactly my situation…just similar)?  Have you ever had problems like this?

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