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While I love trying new things, I do have favourites when it comes to nails.  It took me a while to find some of these (such as the perfect top coat), so I thought I would share them with you in case you are looking to find a new favourite or are just curious about what I use.

Top Coat

I love, love, love the Seche Vite topcoat.  It looks so smooth and shiny and it dries in LITERALLY about two minutes!  I can’t stand sitting around waiting for my nails to dry before I can carry on with my day and actually use my hands.  If it weren’t for this amazing top coat, I probably wouldn’t be as into nails/nail designs as I am!  I just don’t have that kind of patience.
I love this top coat so much that I buy it in bulk (which saves me money over the long run and it takes awhile to run out!):
Side note: it’s important to note that this top coat does get a bit thick when it’s about half empty.  Because of this, I bought the Seche Vite Restore, which thins it out with only a couple drops.  If you’re going to get this awesome top coat, you need to get the Restore as well.  It’s a bit inconvenient, but this top coat is so worth it!  Plus, you can use the Restore on other nail polish when it gets low or old and thick and/or stringy and it’ll clear it right up!


Nail Polish Canada is where I buy the majority of my nail polish.  It has a great selection of the brands I love and you earn points which you can use to get future polishes (and other stuff) free!  They also do promos pretty often where you get to choose a free sample of something beauty-related with your purchase.  Oh, and sometimes they surprise you with free samples of stuff!  I’ve received shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, etc.  And they always include a lolly pop in your package!

Nail Polish Brands

My first choice of favourite is Zoya.  Zoya has a great formula.  It goes on smooth and doesn’t chip easily.  While they don’t have quite the variety of choices that other, bigger brands do, they do still have a good selection.  Plus, they have unique styles like Pixie Dust (one of my favourite styles).
And the best part: Zoya’s formula is made from natural ingredients!
My second favourite is OPI.  I honestly don’t have very much OPI nail polish yet (since I almost always buy Zoya because I love it so much), but what I have tried, I have loved.  The formula goes on so smooth it’s ridiculous!

Share Your Story: What are your faves when it comes to nails?  I’m interested to know/find out about more great products!

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