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19 October, 2018 / 2 Comments

Since I’ve incorporated makeup into my blog by posting reviews of products received in BoxyCharm, I thought I would share with you guys what my top makeup products are.  These are the products I regularly reach for, my favourites; if I was going on vacation, these are what I would bring.  I thought I would only be listing one favourite for each purpose, but it turned out that for a few products, I have two favourites that I use for different situations/purposes.  Haha – not my intention!  So, without further ado, here they are:


I have two favourite primers at the moment.  One is a more dewy primer and the other is more mattifying, so depending how my skin is feeling (dry or oily) or what kind of look I want, I will reach for one of these.

DR. BRANDT SKINCARE pores no more Luminizer Primer: I got a smaller size of this product in a BoxyCharm box a while back and loved it so much I emptied it rather quickly.  I bought a new larger size (after trying some other primers in between) and I’m loving it again.  It is great for my dry skin.  It doesn’t give a SUPER dewy finish, but just nice and healthy-looking skin while also filling in some pores at the same time.  I love using this primer when my skin is feeling dry or when I want my completed look to be dewy.

URBAN DECAY Self-Adjusting Complexion Primer: I love what this primer does to my skin.  It fills in my pores and evens out my skin tone so nicely.  I don’t typically wear foundation, so I really like how this primer eliminates some of my redness.  The only drawback, for me, is that it is quite mattifying.  I tend to have dry skin on my face, so mattifying products aren’t always a great option for me, but this one is okay most of the time.  I just won’t wear it when my skin is feeling extra dry.  I do love it though!


Again, I have two that I love for different things.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (Vanilla): I love this concealer for spot concealing (if I have pimples or discolouration anywhere other than under my eyes that I would like covered up).  Maybe that’s just because the colour I have matches my skin so well?  I don’t, however, like this one for under my eyes.  I keep thinking I do and I continue to try it on my undereyes, but it just ALWAYS creases on me.  Argh.  It’s a really great concealer otherwise and I love that they have my perfect colour (I have trouble finding my perfect skin colour in other concealers I have tried).

TARTE Shape Tape Concealer: This is my ride-or-die concealer for my undereyes.  It gives me the most coverage (which I need because I have such dark undereyes), it doesn’t crease, and it just looks so good.  However, I have yet to find my PERFECT shade in it, so for that reason I’m always trying other concealers.  I always go back to this one though, even though it’s not my perfect shade.  I still have I think one more shade to try that MIGHT be my colour, but it’s frustrating too that I have to order directly from the Tarte website instead of Sephora.  It would be so much more convenient if I could order it from Sephora (or go to the actual store and maybe find my perfect colour once and for all!).  But.  This concealer is the best of the best!


MAYBELLINE Fit Me Pressed Powder (Translucent): I’ve really been enjoying this pressed powder for setting my concealer.  I like that it’s a more affordable brand and I can just buy it along with my groceries – easy peasy!  It does a solid job of setting and looks nice too.  I also like that, even though it’s a pressed powder, it’s still quite powdery when you pick it up with your brush.  I’ve tried other pressed powders that are so dry I wonder if anything is even being picked up by my brush.  This powder is easy to apply and just overall really great!


PUR Sculptor Palette: I received this palette in a BoxyCharm and I love the highlighter on the top left so much.  I just dip in once and apply for a not-so-intense highlight.  It’s great for building up the intensity too for those times I want to really shine!  I just love the way this one looks.

Setting Spray

COVER FX Dewy Finish Setting Spray: I loooooove this setting spray so much.  It sprays a very nice mist.  It keeps makeup lasting longer.  And it provides the most dewy finish.  It really does.  Like, I know it says that, but you won’t believe it until you try it.  It is that good!  This is my all-time favourite setting spray.  I don’t even feel the need to try any others, which is saying a lot because I love testing out and trying different makeup options.  I guess maybe if the dewy look goes out of style I might, but right now I’m loving it!!


L’OREAL PARIS Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara: I use this mascara daily.  I love that it’s affordable, it makes my lashes look longer and fuller, no smudging occurs, and it’s not super clumpy.  It’s a really great mascara from the drug store!  There are other mascaras that are maybe slightly better, but way more expensive.  I am picky with my mascaras, though, so believe me when I say that (even though it’s not THE BEST) it is a very good mascara – good enough for me to wear every day and continue purchasing.


COLOURPOP Lux Lipstick (Big Break): I love this lipstick so much.  It is so good and so affordable.  It seriously lasts all day, even through eating.  It is comfortable to wear.  It’s not drying.  It is just so good and I love this colour.

BUXOM Full-On Plumping Lip Cream Gloss (Katie): I just recently tried these lipglosses and I am in love with the colour Katie.  I love the way it looks over a lip colour or just on its own!  It is so juicy and longwearing (for a lipgloss) and I actually like the “plumping” sensation on my lips.  This is my all-time favourite lip gloss and I have tried a lot of lip glosses!


Share Your Story: Have you tried the products I mentioned above?  Do you love them as much as I do?  What are your go-to makeup products?  I’d love to know!

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