My Top 6 Favourite Makeup Gurus on YouTube

4 May, 2018 / 4 Comments

I have been addicted to watching makeup videos on YouTube for about a year now.  Below are my favourites and I recommend that you check them out!  Please note that all pictures shown below are taken from the YouTube profile of the channel I’m talking about.

My Top 3 Go-tos that I Always Watch First


It’s really hard to pick a favourite, but I think KathleenLights would be my ultimate favourite one!  She just has it all.  She’s amazing at doing makeup, but isn’t even a makeup artist and so admits when she doesn’t know certain things.  She has a great personality.  She is seriously so fun to watch.  She makes me laugh out loud all the time.  She’s also very down to earth and even though she’s been successful (with YouTube and her nail polish line and makeup collaborations), she doesn’t let it go to her head.  I love the makeup she has created with ColourPop as well!


I really love Tati too!  She is truly amazing with makeup.  She is a professional makeup artist.  She always gives great tips and tricks and her reviews are really informative.  Her videos are organized and helpful.  I appreciate that she is in her thirties (like me!) and so I can relate to certain things when it comes to aging skin issues (even though she has PERFECT skin!).  She is also very kind and I love her positive attitude even when things are rough.  She really wants to help people to feel beautiful.  She makes fun of herself sometimes too, which is entertaining to watch!

Glam & Gore

Glam & Gore is run by Mykie, who I also love watching.  She is very entertaining.  And she is soooo talented.  She does beauty makeup and special effects, hence her YouTube name.  She has one of those personalities, though, that some people might not appreciate, but I personally enjoy.  She is also a professional makeup artist.  And she’s GORGEOUS.

Other Favourites


It’s possible that NikkieTutorials is the most-watched makeup guru on YouTube.  She has almost 10 million subscribers!  Can you believe that??  She deserves it, though.  She is absolutely amazing at doing makeup.  Her makeup is literally FLAWLESS – it looks like it’s not even real sometimes, like she’s been photoshopped.  She also has an entertaining personality and is a professional makeup artist.

Mariah Leonard

Mariah Leonard is not quite as popular as the others listed above.  However, I find her videos very informative.  I just recently started watching her videos, but they have already taught me so much!


I also just recently started watching JkissaMakeup and really like her videos so far as well.  I love that she doesn’t wear foundation because I’m not a huge fan of foundation, myself.  It’s nice to see how she does these makeup looks without the use of foundation and learning her tips on certain aspects that are different if you don’t use foundation.

Share your story: What are you watching on YouTube?  Do you like makeup videos?  Do you watch any of my favourites?

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  1. I don’t watch makeup videos on YouTube, but I’ve been thinking lately that it might be fun to try it. Like I told you on your last makeup post, I’m horrible at doing makeup, and I don’t wear a ton, so it’s seemed useless to watch elaborate makeup videos, but it would be nice to be able to do it on days when I want to look a little nicer!

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