New Hobby: Makeup

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So, over the last few months, I have developed a new hobby. Makeup. I have always been into playing with my makeup and I love Halloween because I can do crazy makeup designs, but lately it has turned into an actual hobby. I love playing around with my makeup. I have also recently gone cruelty free with products/cosmetics I purchase, so that has lead me to finding some awesome new brands! I also never used high-end cosmetics before. I would just buy from Walmart or Superstore or Shoppers, places like that. Now I have discovered high-end and it’s lovely! I’m having so much fun. However, I have another dilemma — along with wanting to read all the books, I now want all the makeup, but it’s so expensive! So, I don’t have much of a collection yet. However, this got me to thinking that maybe I should incorporate makeup into my blog. I did it with nails — why not makeup?

I’m thinking I could do reviews when I purchase new products. I also subscribe to a couple makeup subscriptions boxes, so I could also talk about what I find in those when I receive them.

Share your story: Would you be interested in these types of posts? Do you enjoy the art of makeup? 

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