Release Day Review: Freak ‘N’ Gorgeous by Sebastian J. Plata

14 August, 2018 / 2 Comments


I was quite disappointed by this book.  I thought it was going to be a nice, light read…maybe a feel-good book.  However, I didn’t get that from it at all.  I didn’t care for the characters much.  I thought Camilla was extremely unlikeable.  She was mean and all she cared about were looks.  In fact, this whole book was pretty much about people who only cared about looks.  I think it was likely meant to reverse that in the end and try to prove that looks aren’t everything, but I don’t think it was successful in that.

I wasn’t into the romance at all.  It was instalove on Konrad’s end and then Camilla just couldn’t get over the fact that he was so good-looking – he couldn’t possibly actually be into her!  And so she was a total bitch to him and to everyone around her.  She even lost the support of her friends.  And that’s not the first time she’s been mean to her friends either.  Her and her one friend were actually just recovering from something nasty that Camilla did to her previously.

The story itself was only okay.  The characters really kept me from enjoying it.  The synopsis describes it as being “A hilarious…look at society’s unrealistic beauty standards….”  I didn’t get “hilarious” from it WHATSOEVER.  Not once did I laugh, not once did I think anything about it was funny, not even a little bit.  The story captivated me well enough, but I didn’t enjoy it and I don’t think I would recommend it.

Best Aspect: Captivity
Worst Aspect: Romance

about the book

My Copy: ARC eBook, 288 pages
Publication Date: August 14, 2018 (Today!)
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Source: Publisher via Goodreads

A hilarious, scathing look at society’s unrealistic beauty standards and the pressures of high school from a fresh new YA voice. Perfect for fans of The DUFF.

In a world not unlike our own, there is a phenomenon called the Inexplicable Development—a somewhat rare occurrence that causes permanent changes.

Average-looking under-the-radar sixteen-year-old Konrad Wolnik’s life is turned upside down when one morning he wakes up stunningly hot—he has washboard abs, a chiseled chin, and is no longer sporting his dad’s giant nose.

On that same day, Camilla Hadi has her own transformation; the lean, pretty athlete is now devastatingly ugly.

The teens face the cruel world of high school from very different perspectives. Konrad shoots to the top of the pecking order, Camilla slips into pariah status. But soon the school starts rallying around Camilla and Konrad’s sudden popularity sours as people blame him for her transformation. And, the truth is, so does she. So what if they could use each other for personal gain? He wants everyone to like him; she just wants to destroy his perfect life.

And then the unexpected happens—he starts to fall for her. Will sparks fly or will their relationship end in a Carrie-like disaster?

Told in dual POV, Sebastian J. Plata’s debut is a hilarious, scathing look at society’s unrealistic beauty standards and the unrealistic pressures of high school. Perfect for fans of The DUFF and Winger.

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