Release Day Review: The Brave Art of Motherhood: Fight Fear, Gain Confidence, and Find Yourself Again by Rachel Marie Martin

9 October, 2018 / 2 Comments

The Brave Art of Motherhood was written by a blogger/mom who has been through a heck of a lot!  She is an amazing woman and it’s understandable how popular her blog is and that she decided to write a book as well.

For me, personally, the content was too much to just sit down and read.  I prefer to subscribe to blog posts or something similar for topics like this.

Then, you just get maximum one post per day on a certain topic and you can move on to the next thing.  I find motivational topics work better for me like that.  Otherwise, my brain becomes overloaded and I’m probably not going to follow the advice as much or I’ll forget what all I read.  Whereas, if you’re just getting one small article per day, you have time to process it.  That’s just me though.  I’m sure others are fine with it.

I wasn’t able to really relate to a lot of her examples, though I understood and appreciated her message.  She is a single mom of 7.  I’m married and have one kid.  Quite the difference.  But even so, the messages were clear and important.  Not many will relate to everything in the book, but I think the things you can relate to are helpful to read about.

If you are a fan of motivational books such as this and if you are a parent (especially a struggling parent), this book is for you.  I thought it was good for what it was…it maybe just wasn’t my cup of tea.

About the book

My Copy: ARC eBook
Publication Date: October 9, 2018 (Today!)
Publisher: Random House
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss

Full-time blogger, speaker, marketer, podcaster, and single mom of seven, Rachel Martin presents a pivotal book for moms to spark the hope they need to overcome self-doubt, fear, pressure, and isolation.

This book is part encouragement and part rally cry for moms everywhere who have gotten lost within the pages of their own story, undervaluing all they do every day and exchanging the beauty of who they are for a Pinterest-perfect illusion. It gives you the tools you need to overcome fear, loneliness, and inaction.

By drawing on anecdotes and lessons from her own life, Rachel empowers moms to forget their past mistakes, celebrate what they’ve already accomplished, and dare to be real about their struggles. She teaches them to cheer each other on toward better days, so that “alone” is replaced with “comradeship” and “fear” is replaced with “courage.”

You can make changes. You can overcome fear and doubt. You can pursue dreams, find yourself, and live a life of deep happiness and uncontainable joy.

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  1. oh wow I need a minute. I’m also married with only two kids AND IT IS HARD! I cannot imagine single with 7! So I give her a lot of credit but I do understand what you mean. SOme type of content you need time to digest!

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