Review: A Mad Zombie Party by Gena Showalter

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A Mad Zombie Party (White Rabbit Chronicles #4) by Gena Showalter

a mad zombie partyMy Copy: Kobo eBook
Publication Date: September 29, 2015
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Source: Purchased

The battle rages on.

Ali Bell and Cole Holland’s crew of zombie slayers thought they’d won the war against Anima Industries, the evil company responsible for capturing and experimenting on zombies in an effort to discover the secret to immortality. In the last epic clash, the slayers lost many of their crew and closest friends. But Frosty, the ice man himself, has not recovered from one casualty in particular—the love of his life, Kat Parker.

On the path to self-annihilation, Frosty receives a message from beyond—Kat’s spirit returns, insisting he partner with rogue slayer Camilla Marks. Frosty will do anything for Kat. Except that. Camilla is the one who betrayed them all, leading to Kat’s death.

But when Anima rises from the grave to become a force the slayers may not have the strength to overcome, Frosty, Camilla and all the slayers will have to work together to survive. And one broken slayer will learn that sometimes, the line between hate and attraction is blurred…and the road to redemption isn’t through revenge, but letting go of the past and grabbing hold of the future.

My Review

Okay, so obviously I LOVED this book. I’m a huge fan of this whole series. Even though I typically don’t dig the same-series-with-different-characters-narrating-different-books thing, this was somehow different. I guess it’s partly because Ali and Cole’s story was complete. It was wrapped up nicely. Frosty, however, had more story in him.

I actually am a bit surprised by how much I actually got behind the relationship in this book. I mean, I LOVED Kat. She was my favourite character in this series and one of my favourite all-time secondary characters. But, like Frosty, I was able to let her go and move on.

Milla is a very interesting character. Showalter did a fantastic job with her character. I mean, jeepers, she’s the reason Kat freaking died and now somehow I’m routing for her to be with Frosty and to be treated well and just be forgiven and accepted? Good job Showalter!

Highly recommend this book.  Highly recommend this whole series!!

 5 stars blue

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