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The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden #2) by Julie Kagawa

My Copy: PDF eBook, 446 pages
Publication Date: April 30, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Genre: YA | Paranormal | Dystopian | Romance

Allison Sekemoto has vowed to rescue her creator, Kanin, who is being held hostage and tortured by the psychotic vampire Sarren. The call of blood leads her back to the beginning—New Covington and the Fringe, and a vampire prince who wants her dead yet may become her wary ally.

Even as Allie faces shocking revelations and heartbreak like she’s never known, a new strain of the Red Lung virus that decimated humanity is rising to threaten human and vampire alike.

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My Review

Holy Crap.  I just finished this book and all I can think is Holy Crap!  So much happens in this book, it’s just crazy.  The Eternity Cure stars off a bit slow and I was bored and, honestly, skimmed parts of it in the beginning.  But, during the action parts, as with The Immortal Rules, I didn’t want to put it down.  There are a lot of intense action-packed scenes that gripped me, especially at the end — OMG the end!  There are twists and turns and intensity galore.  This is a great read for action seekers!  As long as you can get through the less intense, pretty boring bits.
All the characters are pretty much the same as in The Immortal Rules.  We get to see more of Jackal, who is a frustrating and confusing character.  Zeke has developed into a much stronger character and I would even go so far as to call him badass at times.  Allison and Kanin don’t seem to have changed or developed as characters too much.  Stick makes an appearance again in this book — c’mon, you knew he would have to show up again, didn’t you? — and, good god, what a little shit he turned out to be (pardon my language, but that is the best adjective I could come up with).  I’ll leave the rest of his character for you to discover if/when you read this book.
The writing is good.  It was great and amazingly gripping during the action scenes.  Also good at capturing the intensity and providing an element of surprise.  But, it was a bit dull and boring through the rest of the book.
I recommend The Eternity Cure to fans of the genre and maybe even people who aren’t.  I’m not a huge fan of vampire books, but I mostly enjoy this series (so far).  However, thinking back, at some points I couldn’t wait to be done with the book, but then I finished and was left wanting more.  Strange feeling and makes it difficult to rate.  Kagawa definitely leaves the reader wanting more at the completion of the book!
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