So…I had a baby

19 October, 2016 / 4 Comments

Well, hello everyone!  Hope you all have been doing good!  So, I’m back…again.  Remember that time about a year ago when I went away for a while because I was pregnant?  And then I came back for a few months…and then went away again?  Well, I had my baby about 4.5 months ago.  Now that I am through the newborn fog and moving on to more of the sunshine and lollipops I was actually expecting to come of this (man, they are NOT KIDDING when they tell you it’s hard!  Seriously, people, listen when people give you advice about the newborn stage.  It. Is. Rough.  That’s actually an understatement.  But, as they also say, it does get BETTER!), I have decided it’s time to return to blogging.  Now, don’t expect daily posts any time soon, as I am still very much a busy bee with my baby (let’s call her KIK).  During the odd nap, if KIK will let me, I would like to try to write a post here and there.  I’m not going to put pressure on myself, though, to post at least blank times per week or to have blank discussion posts per month or anything like that.  It’s simply not realistic at this point in my life.  Not to mention, I don’t always have time to read these days!  But, stick with me and eventually I will come back full speed.  For now, though, we will have to settle with this.  Hope that’s okay with you!  Me – I’m excited to get back to it, even if it is less than it used to be.  So…stay tuned!  Looking forward to chatting with all of you again!

Share Your Story: What amazing new books are out that I have to add to my TBR?  I’ve been rather out of the loop as of late and need to be in the know!  Are there any awesome new memes for me to join (assuming I have time)?  New blogs that have burst into the blogosphere that I need to check out?  Let me know please!
Also, let me know if you would like me to discuss any baby-related things.  I am no expert, but would love to chat with you about babies, since that is basically my life these days.  Are there any topics you have in mind for me to discuss?

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4 Responses to “So…I had a baby”

  1. Welcome back! Sorry that things have been so hectic with the little one, but I’m glad that it’s starting to get a little easier. Let’s see, a couple of my favorite books that I’ve read recently that I think you’d like: Three Dark Crowns and The Forgetting. Both were awesome!!

    • Sam

      I actually already had Three Dark Crowns added, so I guess I haven’t been as much out of the loop as I thought – haha. The Forgetting looks very interesting – added! Thanks so much for the recommendations!!

  2. Wendy

    Nice to see you blogging again! I honestly have no books to recommend as I’ve had little time for reading myself these days! 🙂

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