Tips for buying gifts for a baby shower

25 January, 2017 / 2 Comments

When buying clothes, think about what the season will likely be when the baby will fit into the clothes you’re about to purchase.

I have soooo many short sleeve shirts and onesies for my girl that fit her right now but she can hardly ever wear because it’s bloody cold here right now! I mean, of course she could wear them with a hoodie over top, but when I’m looking at the options I’m way more likely to choose a long sleeve shirt/onesie or a sweater (depending what the plans for the day are).

Maybe actually buy off the registry?

This is especially true if it’s something like a monitor and you decide they should have a completely different one than they registered for. Why? The parents-to-be likely put a good chunk of time into choosing the one they wanted and then you go and buy them a different one?

Things like clothes and toys I’m sure would be fine straying from the registry. But important things like monitors, strollers, car seats, cribs, etc. should be purchased from the registry so the parents get what they actually wanted to use.

Even things like lotions and shampoo might be worth sticking to the registry on. Some parents (like myself) wish to only use natural products on their babies, so if you get them something else it may just send up in the garbage (or hopefully returned).

Consider purchasing something practical.

I mean, toys are great later on, but during the newborn stage, practical wins!

If you’re short on cash, consider gifting your help.

Give the expecting couple a coupon for something you can do to really help out during those exhausting first months. You could even do a coupon book and offer yourself up more than once! Ideas could be cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, running errands, watching the baby while they nap/shower, etc. Things that really help like these ideas are the best gifts you could give!

Consider who you are buying for.

All parents are different and some things are more important than others depending on the parent. Some parents might be pickier about certain things than others. For example, I know some parents want to pick out their own baby clothes and won’t dress them in anything they don’t like themselves. However, I see clothes as clothes. Baby doesn’t care. As long as it’s appropriate, I’ll dress my baby in whatever! I try to dress her in all her clothes at least once (but like I said above sometimes it’s difficult depending on the season!).

Share your story:  What do you think?  Do you agree with my tips?  Did I miss any?  

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2 Responses to “Tips for buying gifts for a baby shower”

  1. These are really really REALLY good suggestions. My mother-in-law totally forgets the clothes thing ALL THE TIME. She got my daughter a winter coat for Christmas. But, it’s sized at 12 months. My daughter is just starting to fit into size 9 months. She’ll be wearing 12 months clothes in the beginning-middle of the summer, and will likely be way too big for that size by the time it’s remotely cold enough to justify a winter coat. And of course, when it’s gifted to you, you don’t want to be like “Really?” so it’s all smiles and nods and what-have-you. (Thankfully HER mother was there and pointing out the obvious).

    A couple tips I’d add:

    – If it’s a first-time mom, consider things that might be helpful but went completely overlooked; there were SO MANY things I could have used in those first couple of weeks that I didn’t even know about. Like pillows. Who would have thought that pillows would be my best friend? My husband came home one day with these u-shaped boppy pillows that you can put around your waist to prop up baby, and they were a LIFE CHANGER. That’s what I gave to one of my coworkers who recently had her shower.

    – More on the clothes thing: Maybe buy up a couple of sizes, if you’re able to still get seasonally-appropriate clothes. I had a ridiculous amount of newborn & 0-3 month clothes, and my daughter spent about 2 weeks in newborn clothes, and a whopping 1 month in 0-3 months. I don’t even think we managed to cycle through everything once before it was retired, and I ended up specifically asking family to contribute size 6 & 9 month clothes for gifts around holidays and whatnot.


    • Sam

      Thanks! I totally agree with you on the size thing. We were actually given mostly 3-6 month clothes and so she has waaaayyy too many clothes right now (that’s her current size) – so much so that if she so much as gets a tiny bit of food on her clothes, I call it dirty and do an outfit change – just so she wears all of her clothes haha. We actually didn’t have too many newborn clothes and she ended up being a small baby, so we needed more, but that’s okay. A variety of sizes is always a good tip! And, yes, pillows are helpful too! How old is your daughter? Mine is about to be 8 months in a few days here!

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