What Makes a Good Blog?

9 June, 2015 / 7 Comments


After discussing what makes a good discussion post, I got to thinking about what it is that makes a good blog – a blog that draws followers and keeps people coming back.  There are many factors involved, I’m sure.  However, even if you do everything right, does it guarantee you will have lots of followers?  What draws others in and causes them to like your blog??



I see design as being a big factor when it comes to gaining followers.  I mean, really, it’s the first thing potential readers will see.  Before they even get to reading anything, they see your blog’s layout, design, widgets, etc.  So, it’s important to have a good design, as difficult as that may be.  And not everyone likes the same style, so that makes it difficult as well.


Obviously, content is an important factor.  Content is what keeps people coming back, what keeps people reading, and what keeps people interested in subscribing.  But what makes good content?  That’s the question.  There is no written rule as to what makes the perfect blog post that will intrigue your readers and gain you more followers.


People want to know the person behind the blog.  So, it’s important to have personality in your posts.

I, myself, struggle with this.  I feel that I don’t put out very much personality in my writing even though I do try.  I try to ignore lots of the rules that English classes taught me.   I mean, when you have a degree in English, like me, and you have to write tons of academic essays, and it is pounded into you that you need to be 100% formal and follow all these rules, it’s difficult to stray from that afterward.  I have gotten better (I think!), but it’s still a struggle sometimes for me.


Now, marketing (paid or just by social media self-marketing) will help to get your name (or blog’s name I suppose) out there, but you still need to have the stuff to back up your marketing efforts.  You could market like crazy and gain traffic, but if you don’t have what people are looking for or interested in, you won’t keep those same people coming back.

Share your story: What do you think it takes?  Is it skill, luck, or a mixture of both?  Is there anything else you would add to my list of important factors?

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7 Responses to “What Makes a Good Blog?”

  1. I have to agree that personality can be hard to put when you write frequently in your blog. Sometimes I can’t exactly pinpoint my own personality in my own blog because I write differently in each post at times 😛 Design is always the #1 factor for me. If text is too neon, I tend to quit instantly without bothering to read anything. Great post 😉

  2. Hi Sam, Great post! Yes, design is the #1 for me too. Maybe that’s why I’ obsessed with mine and continuously changing it. 🙂 I also think that it is important how organized the content is (the schedule when is posted, navigation and search features to find it, etc.). A schedule allows me to know what to expect and when. There are blogs I visit frequently because I know their schedule. It frustrating when I cannot find something 🙂

  3. It’s so interesting to see posts that discuss what makes a blog popular, etc. Seeing what others think, comparing what you already think… it’s a really interesting point of conversation. The most important thing for me, with my blog- popular or not- is that it has to be enjoyable for me. I don’t want to be reviewing books I dislike or joining memes I’m not interested in, not when there are hundreds of books I do and will like and a ton of memes I love! So long as I remember to keep blogging for myself, not solely the readers (though I do want to capture their interest and form friendships through a similar love of books), I think I should continue to feel pleased with my blog.
    Nice discussion, Sam! x

  4. I agree with everything you said makes a good blog — all of those things are essential. But no matter how good your blog is, if no one’s visiting, what’s the point? What I’ve found to be super important is connections. If the blogger is well connected with other bloggers, then the blog will get traffic and eventually become popular. It takes work and time to stay connected, but the blogging community is so supportive of each other — it’s worth the effort.

  5. Don’t worry about the personality part. I don’t think I show much of myself in my writing either, but I guess you just can’t possibly notice this yourself. You are unique and so is your writing. You don’t have to write about personal stuff to get your readers to built a bond with you, it all comes naturally.

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