What would you do with your website if you stopped blogging?

13 July, 2018 / 8 Comments

This thought actually makes me quite sad.  I pay for my website host.  I’m not on a free blogging site like I used to be.  So, if I stopped blogging, would I continue to pay for my website or just let it die?  It’s silly, really, to pay for a site that I’m no longer updating, but at the same time I get sad thinking about all my hard work just vanishing someday.

Sometimes I visit a site of a blog that I used to follow and find that the website no longer exists.  Their whole blog is just…gone.  I don’t know how they do it.

I doubt I’ll blog forever, though I don’t see an end in sight at this time.  I have come close to quitting when life just got too crazy and when I was going through postpartum depression and thought I would never be interested in blogging again, but I always came back.  During those times off (which have been several months of no posting at times), I kept my blog going.  I didn’t cancel my website.

But if I actually one day decided to really, truly, definitively quit blogging for good, would I stop paying for my website?  I have put so much time and effort into this blog.  I have blogged for many years.  I have talked about my favourite things.  I have reviewed many books.  I have shared my nail art.  I have talked about my daughter.  And people have interacted with me about these things.  I would lose the comments too.  I would lose all the kind words others have contributed to making my blog what it is.

I know my blog isn’t the biggest, best blog there is, not even close.  But that’s not the point.  The point is what it means to me.  And it means a lot.  I don’t think I could just let it completely disappear.  So, would I keep paying those yearly hosting and domain name fees?  Would I maybe move my blog back to Blogger?  That would be an option, if it’s possible.  I converted my Blogger blog to this WordPress one, but can you go the other way?  That would definitely be something I would be interested in looking into.  But that also requires potentially quite a bit of work and if I decide I’m done with blogging, maybe I won’t be willing to put in that effort.  Who knows?

Anyway, I just don’t think I could bring myself to deleting my blog for good.  Even if nobody reads it ever again, I would take comfort knowing that it’s still there…existing…

Share your story: What would you do with your blog if you decided to quit?  If you pay for a website, would you keep paying to keep it alive?  Does the thought of your blog not existing anymore make you sad?

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8 Responses to “What would you do with your website if you stopped blogging?”

  1. This is actually my second book blog, so I have a little experience with what you’re talking about. Books, Sweets and other Treats was my first love, and it’s what got me through college and that time of my life. I stopped blogging when I had a baby and then babies, because there just was not enough time in a day. When my website came up for renewal, I just didn’t do it. I blog through blogger, so it just reverted back to blogspot(dot)com instead of what I’d purchased. Everything was still there… until I deleted it. I don’t know what possessed me to do that, but I regret that decision a lot. I wish I still had access to that old information, those reviews, the contacts… it was almost 5 years of my life that I removed from existence. I had to start over on Goodreads, too.

    Now I think I might let my yearly fee slide, but still check in on my blog from time to time. It wouldn’t bother me if it was blogspot(dot)com.

    L @ Do You Dog-ear?

    • Sam

      Yeah, for sure…that’s so sad for your first blog 🙁 Sorry you regret that. I also took time away from blogging after I had a baby (and during pregnancy – haha), but it was only months of absences so I held on to my blog. I agree that I wouldn’t mind if my blog was once again blogspot.com.

  2. I kind of agree, I don’t think I could delete or just let go of all the stuff I’ve worked on or put out there. Even if I needed a huge break or thought I might be done, I think I’d have to keep it around? And great point about the comments and interaction. They represent so many points of human contact, of shared connections… it would be a shame to delete all that! So yeah… I think I’d keep it around…

    Great post, very thoughtprovoking

  3. Oooh this is such a good question! So I have also thought about this, for the same reason as you, really- I pay for it! And how could I justify paying for something I no longer do? I would probably, like you said, convert it back to Blogger, though the thing that would suck is, can you bring the comments with you? I honestly have no idea! I think that I’d pay for it, until eventually I stopped caring enough to let it go? And then of course download the files before stopping so that I could, theoretically, start it back up if I so desired? It’s a tough call though honestly! Such a great discussion!

    • Sam

      Omg – I hope you can bring the comments with you when switching back to Blogger! Great point! The comments are so important to me. Ugh – isn’t it a tough call though!?

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